10 Backyard Decor Ideas That Will Really Liven Things Up

Backyards.  They come in all shapes and sizes.  They can also make you excited, enchanted, or extremely bored when you step into them. Decor can be everything.  Sometimes its simply a matter of getting creative in order to transform your backyard into something amazing, which harkens to a different time or place.  Other times, to make the transformation happen the way you imagine it, its going to cost you a bundle, and understandably so, because some of this stuff don’t come cheap, baby.  

Regardless of your budget, there’s always something you can do that will make you and your guests go “Wow!” when they see it, and these are the things we spend our time thinking about.

So, here we are offering 10 ideas for backyard decor that may or may not be within your budget, but we ultimately hope that some of them will spark an idea or two and get your gears turning.  

Tried And True: The Campfire

Nothing says summer like sitting around a fire at night. Love campfires but don’t love camping? Easy. Firepits encourage guests to join each other in a circle for warmth, conversation, and snacking, with the comforts of home. Install bench seating with storage for fire tools and pillows.

Garden Party

garden party backyard

Entertain guests surrounded by beautiful blooms. Consider a wall of ivy for some privacy and atmospheric backdrop. Hang floral chandaliers above the table for daytime entertaining. Wooden table and chairs can be found at a flea market, making this option fairly affordable and easy to set up.

Hermit in a Hammock

Hammocks provide a relaxing getaway in the comfort of your own yard. A hammock is a relatively affordable option, and is very easy to set up. Because it is suspended, it conforms to the natural shape of your body, which enables a better night’s sleep than a mattress. Its rocking motion is soothing, and when placed next to a fountain or lush greenery, the hammock is a sanctuary.


Pavilions provide shelter and create airflow, and their framework adds beauty to the yard. They are durable and require little maintenance, making them a popular choice for backyard entertaining. Essentially, you are recreating a living room in an outdoor setting. You can also leave an opening in the roof, and set up a daybed from which to view the sky.  For some options on what to use for your pavilion, you should check out our review of the best canvas canopy gazebos or our review of the best hardtop gazebos.


Tuscany is known for its hills, wine, and villas in the countryside. Think simplistic, warm, and open. Cooking meals will be the centre of focus for the Tuscan look, so you will want to build a terrace around a fireplace or wood-burning oven. Use large patio stones for an old-world look. A water feature can emulate the Mediterranean seascape, and don’t forget the terracotta pottery.

Woodland Dinner Party

This enchanted setup works best amidst grass and trees. The key to this ambience is twinkling light, which can be created using the element of fire. Keep tealights in glass jars for warm, magical atmosphere. Tether a candlelit chandelier to a tree and suspend it above your table. Include a small water fountain or birdbath for balance. Decorate the table with small blooms and sprawling ivy.


Traditional Moroccan design is inspired by several cultures and religions, so the key to Moroccan decor is mixing and matching shapes and colours. Try scoping thrift and fabric stores for gauzy, light tapestries that will create shade, shelter, and privacy. Use large tapestries to create a courtyard. Provide floor pillows and poufs around low tables. Intricate tilework and geometric patterns taking colours from the land and seascape: blues, purples, golds, pinks. Building a custom backsplash is expensive, so purchase just a few tiles and use as coasters.

Deck with Fireplace

A firepit and barbecue are essential to backyard entertaining. Lay down a stone patio to separate the dining area from the rest of your yard, furnish with cosy chairs facing the fireplace. A pergola will add structure and shelter, turning your deck into a woodsy retreat.

Converted Shed

Rework your existing setup by converting the old shed to a bar. What could be better than your favourite watering hole being right in your backyard? No line, no cover, no watered-down alcohol; and best of all, you can walk home at the end of the night. This setup would be great for morning coffee or breakfast, too.

Downtown Balcony

Apartment living? No problem. Add some texture to your balcony with a rug and throw pillows. String lights add a nice ambience, and a few big planters will spruce up the area, making it great for morning tea, reading, and conversation.

All in all, you’ll come to see there is lots to work with in terms of backyard decor. It’s just a matter of finding what works for you and putting the right things together.  Now that you have some insight on the decor side of things, you should take a look at space management and how arranging your perfect patio works.


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