Can You Dry Your Car with a Leaf Blower? (YES YOU CAN)

by Simmy Parker

You cannot dry your dog with a leaf blower, but you sure can dry your car with one! Washing your vehicle should be part of your regular maintenance routine.

However, even with a coat of wax applied, you still get those pesky water spots all over the car if you let it air dry.

It’s especially irritating when you’ve just left the car wash on a gorgeous day, roll your windows down, and then close them later to find streaks and water spots all over the glass.

Whether you wash your car in the driveway or at professional car washes, we recommend taking a extra few minutes to dry the car to maintain its sleek and shiny beauty.

You can find affordable leaf blowers at your local home improvement store or online, and are handy tools to have around for the autumn season. But why not get some summer use out of it and use it on your car?

Nevermind using towels and wiping away moisture by hand; do yourself and pull that leaf blower from the shed and put it to work. It will blow the water out of all the difficult places like in between the doors or mirrors.

It Allows You to Cheat

A leaf blower can also help you cheat: it allows you to get away with just rinsing and drying (drying is done by using the leaf blower on the water).

This technique can be used when your car is coated in light dust or pollen and you need a quick clean: simply hose it down and dry it off.

If you have some gunky bugs or grime on the lower panels, simply spray with cleaner, blast it with a good stream from the hose, and then blow the moisture away.

Say goodbye to waiting for the tires to dry, and say goodbye to water spots on your chrome rims! One thing to make note of: you should blow the car directly after washing it.

This is because the ground beneath it will be soaking wet, and will have washed away any dust (or keep it down). Otherwise, a leafblower may stir up any dust and dirt in the area, and it will stick to your car!

Additionally, if you are cleaning the vehicle inside a garage, then you should only use an electric blower. Gas-powered blowers will give off exhaust particles that can settle in the paint.

A leaf blower is also a great tool for blowing out the interior of your car. Just make sure you are wearing proper protective gear like goggles and a dust mask.

Always keep the blower’s fan clean. Whatever is inside the fan will be ejected when the leaf blower is in use; you do not want those particles sticking to your newly cleaned vehicle.

Try Cordless

Be sure to fasten the extension cord so it does not knock into the vehicle and cause damage. Alternatively, you can invest in a cordless blower for total mobility.

The noise may be irritating to some, but it removes the water with ease and efficiency, leaving you energized to do the rest of the work on your vehicle.

Try Flood-Rinsing

Another way to avoid water spots is to rinse the car with the flooding method. This is done by removing the hose nozzle and aiming the hose at the centre-top of the roof of the car on full blast.

This will flood all sides of the car evenly and simultaneously, covering it in a sheet of water so you don’t get any beading or spots.

However, especially in humid areas, it takes a bit more work to ensure no residue or minerals are deposited from hard water. Whatever moisture remains can be blown away with the leaf blower.

You’ll want to use the blower to get into all the nooks and crannies of the car, including the windshield gutter, mirrors, trunk and doors.

Alternatively, you can use a leaf blower, leave some intentional water spots, and use this leftover moisture. Then you will spray with a detailing spray, and blot it dry. This will add gloss and provide lubrication to avoid scratches, and remove the watermarks, too.

We always recommend applying a coat of wax after washing your car in order to prevent any residue, as well as to leave a beautiful luster.

A slick surface will allow for easy removal of water. A surface that is not smooth will cause water to drag, due to friction from the contamination.

Remember to wash away the surface beneath the vehicle before you use the blower, otherwise the power of the blower will push dirt upward and make it stick to the vehicle. Keep the blower aimed upward.

A leaf blower will work faster than an air compressor. Once you have finished with the leaf blower, you can detail the entire car by wiping it down with a waffle weave.

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