Our Review of the 3 Best Copper and Aluminium Cast Chimineas

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Most chimineas out there will either be a traditional clay design, an intermediary but still iconic cast-iron build, or will be made of steel for a more forward and contemporary aesthetic.

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Copper Chiminea

This old-world style is a lovely addition to any backyard. It’s not one that you should choose if you’re looking for heavy-use chimineas.

It will look fantastic in the corner of a garden with your wild flowers growing up around it. The copper chiminea will get a nice patina if you leave it outside uncovered, too.

Aluminum Chiminea

These come in a variety of designs as you can see below. They can burn various types of wood for heat or cooking. There are some versions that can be converted to gas burning, too.

Ease of Maintenance

They’re easy to maintain and won’t rust or corrode. They’re great for adding to your deck since they won’t leave behind streaks of rust or corrosion on the wood.

There are certainly plenty of choices, but should you be looking for more, we have found an interesting few models for you to check out, which we have reviewed her in some detail.

While still falling in the metal chiminea category, we’ve found some versions of chimineas made of copper and cast aluminum that have more than caught our eye.

This is due to a blend of features that borrows what is most enjoyed all of the other types of chimineas for a stunning balance of functionality, looks, practicality, and price!

We hope you find something you like here, enjoy!

One of the great things about aluminum cast chimineas is their increased resistance to rust.  This outdoor chiminea by none other that the Blue Rooster company is particularly well equipped as it sports an aluminum alloy body and stainless steel hardware.

Topped off with a gold accent finish, it is sure to shine and endure on your patio for a long time to come.  Given that we’re looking at the unparalleled craftsmanship coming from Blue Rooster we know it’s going to be equal parts snazzy and high quality.

It comes in at 52 inches in height, which is particularly tall, however, you will find the weight is only 75 pounds. The surprisingly light weight and portability are another advantage of the aluminum alloy body.

The Venetian Outdoor Chiminea has a built-in cooking capabilities featuring an extra wide grilling area, having all of your outdoor entertaining needs covered.

Unique Arts Solid Copper Chiminea Combo With Screen

Unique Arts Solid Copper New Chiminea Combo With Screen

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The solid copper body chiminea by Unique Arts is the go-to pick for anyone looking for something different and one of a kind.  Each one is hand crafted by master coppersmiths using purely recycled copper.

It sports quite a fashionable design, featuring a shorter chimney but larger body and a 360 degree view of the fire chamber.  While dazzling looks are certainly a forte of this chiminea, it also excels in terms of practicality.

It’s able to convert from chiminea to a fire pit and even be set up as a grill.  At 50 pounds in weight, this multifaceted chiminea is also among the most portable.

The Blue Rooster Pine Chiminea

The Blue Rooster Cast Aluminum Pine Style Wood Burning Chiminea In Charcoal

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Another stunning model from Blue Rooster is the Pine Chiminea, this time featured in antique green.  Blue Rooster is one of our favourites for sure because they certainly take their craft seriously.

Their products feature a very high quality build and often have a simple yet stylish design embossed on them.  

This one comes in an antique green colour which elegantly fades to a darker shade throughout use.  The cast aluminum body has increased resistance to rust, as is typical with the material.

What makes this chiminea so great is the fact that it is designed to come apart.  The neck is removable, exposing a grilling area that is ideal for cooking.

This also makes it extra portable.  Along with the 65 pound weight and the built in carry handles, this model is actually so easy to transport, users can actually take it out with them when camping.

For added convenience, the Pine Chiminea also comes with a removable rain lid, cast iron fire grate and grilling insert, a wood tool, as well as a free bottle of touch up paint.

These are some fine chimineas that are beautifully crafted. You won’t find this kind of detail in other chimineas out there. They’re crafted with great materials and etched with designed that make them really unique.

Many of them can turn from an outdoor fireplace into a grilling platform quite simply, too. We love the diversity and beauty of these chimineas.



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