We Review the Best Hot Tub Lights

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Today, we’re reviewing the best hot tub lights. You might not even know that they’re an option for the spa or hot tub. When you are having a backyard party, everything should be decorated to perfection.

As you’re gazing into the backyard, you might often wonder how to mask the hot tub with its boring cover. You could include it in the party, but it’s not appropriate for every occasion.

You could use a screen of some kind to hide the big hot tub, or you could make it part of the décor.

We vote that you make it spectacular with lights!

Game 3567 Underwater Light Show Fountain

Game Underwater Light Show Pool Fountain

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This light is more than just a couple of colors. There are 4 colors available, and those colors are projected towards the bottom of the hot tub. The colors will project to the sides, too. The colors and patterns vary between 8 beautiful options.

Features of the Fountain

  • Color-changing lights
  • Projects color
  • Fountain of colored water
  • Four colors available
  • Auto shut-off

Along with the colors projected into the hot tub’s water, this light includes a fountain. The fountain of water is colored and will shoot 2 feet into the air.

Instead of your hot tub being a big hulk you need to hide, it becomes a feature of the backyard party décor.

Trend Wind Submersible LED Light

The LED submersible lights can be placed into the water itself since they’re waterproof. There’s a rubber sealing ring that will keep water from entering the case.

You can allow them to float to the bottom of the hot tub to provide an illuminated pool of water. You could surround the edge of the hot tub in light as well.

Features of the LED Lights

  • Remote controlled
  • Sixteen colors available
  • Waterproof
  • Battery powered

They’re color changing and remote controlled. They are RGB and can be color mixed to get all the colors of the rainbow from red to purple.

Submersible Led Light With Remote Control Powered By Aaa Batteries Included

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Imagine a few of these in the hot tub around the Fourth of July. You’ll easily be able to celebrate the Red, White, and Blue with these LED lights.

Litake Submersible LED Lights

Litake Submersible Led Lights

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These small discs give off a huge amount of light. They’re able to emit 16 different colors. These come in packs of 2 or 4 lights. They controlled by remote, so you can easily change the colors without having to find them at the bottom of the hot tub.

Features of the Submersible LED Lights

  • Sixteen colors
  • Four flashing modes
  • Ten LED beads
  • Remote controlled
  • Battery powered

Along with the hot tub, these can be added to ponds or fountains in the backyard, too. You can scatter them throughout the yard in vases for a splash of colored water all around. Special events look so much better when there are layers of light.

Qoolife Submersible LED Lights

Qoolife Submersible Led Lights Remote Controlled

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Any container that has water in it can be turned into a centerpiece. We love the idea of taking a few of these LED lights and scattering them around the backyard.

An old-fashioned punch bowl can become the center of attention. The hot tub becomes a beautiful addition to your outdoor decorations, too.

Features of the LED Lights

  • Waterproof
  • Three color modes
  • Remote controlled
  • Dimmer levels
  • Sixteen colors

When you purchase these LED lights, you can reuse them for many events. They’ll change color easily and all you need to do is place some vases or containers filled with water.

It’s a simple and inexpensive way to decorate for a party. You won’t have to hide the spa, either. It becomes a seamless part of the decorations without being used during the party.

StarFish Underwater LED Lights

Starfish Underwater Submersible Led Lights Waterproof Remote Control Battery Operated Color Changing Floating Hot Tub Swimming

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The underwater lights can be added to any surface that will brighten the illumination. The beauty of these lights is that they take something like water and create this amazing illumination.

A dim light becomes an aquatic scene. When you buy a set of LED lights, you can use them over and over for all your events. Even the indoor parties can benefit from more lights.

Features of the Underwater LED Lights

  • Waterproof
  • Suction cups
  • Sixteen colors
  • Four color changing modes
  • Rubber O ring

These lights come in a set of two with two remotes. There’s a remote for each disc. They come with suction cups, so you can stick them to the sides of the hot tub instead of dropping them to the bottom.

Leave them in there all the time for an added dimension of fun in the hot tub all the time.

Hot tub lights add a dynamic element to your backyard parties. You can add these to your hot tub or spa without turning on the jets. Instead of a thing you need to hide, the spa becomes another great area of your decorations.

The LED lights boost the layers of light in your backyard whether you’re having a party or just enjoying the hot tub by yourself.

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