Atlantic Water Gardens Pond Skimmer Review

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For the sake of maintaining a healthy pond, no matter the size, a pump and skimmer go hand-in-hand. A skimmer is a very useful appliance if you are installing a backyard pond. It has the benefit of running twenty-four hours a day, so your pond is always circulating and being filtered. Here’s a simple diagram to show you essentially how a skimmer works.


How A Pond Skimmer Works

The skimmer will catch any debris like leaves or insects before they reach the pump, and in doing so, prevents the pump from clogging. A skimmer will cut down on hand maintenance, too. People are busy and do not always have the time to skim the pond by hand, leaving debris free to fall to the bottom of the pond and begin to decay. And since a pond is its own little ecosystem, it must maintain a careful balance of elements. Any foreign objects – especially natural objects like twigs, leaves, bird droppings, etc. – will throw off the balance as they begin to decompose.

A skimmer will sit level with the water to catch anything that falls into it. The skimmer catches large pieces and collects them in its own basket. The lid is removable so you can empty the basket regularly. The skimmer then sends water to the pump, which circulates it back into the pond. This system of skimmer and pump allows constant aeration and circulation of the pond, important for maintaining oxygen levels, especially if your pond houses any fish. Keep in mind that if your pond does house fish, you should choose a skimmer with a floating weir door so that fish do not get sucked in!

Atlantic Water Gardens Pond Skimmer Review

Today we review the Atlantic Water Gardens Pond Skimmer, which comes with a weir door, interior leaf basket, and a bio-tech filter mat. Its sizable chamber makes it adaptable to most pumps, and is covered by a nine-inch weir door. A weir is a flap door located on the front of the skimmer that lets water in while preventing fish and excessive debris from entering the skimmer. The weir opens into the skimmer, which stops its contents from spilling back into the pond. The weir also creates a steady current of water, preventing a noisy vortex from forming inside.

This skimmer works with pumps that operate at two thousand to four thousand gallons per hour: any faster, and the water will drain faster than the skimmer is able to handle. As the water enters the skimmer, it runs through a mechanical filtration system that ensures water quality, catching leaves and large pieces in its interior basket.

Depending upon the surroundings and the type of debris that enters the skimmer, it may help to drill a couple of holes into the leaf basket so that water can escape. This will make it easier for you to lift out and clean. The amount of debris that typically falls into your pond will also determine how often you should empty the basket. If your pond is located under trees, we recommend emptying it daily. If, however, the pond is located in an open area, then emptying the basket once or twice a week may be sufficient. Due to the flat surface of the skimmer lid, it is easy to disguise once it has been installed. The lid is also removable for easy cleaning.


Here’s a video showing how a pond skimmer is installed.The skimmer is easy to install, but you must make sure that you are placing it upon firm ground. Otherwise, if placed upon softer ground, the skimmer may sink or move. It is very important that the skimmer sits level with the water in order to do its job properly. Its durable sides can withstand being buried if you wish to disguise the skimmer. You can achieve this by simply building up dirt around it, installing rocks, or plants.


This pond skimmer is best for ponds up to six hundred square feet in size. It is suitable for ponds with fish, but if you are worried about fish getting in, it may be useful to add your choice of fish barrier on the outside of the weird. Depending upon the size of your fish, some kind of mesh fencing will work. Just keep in mind that this may prevent other debris from being sucked into the skimmer, and will prevent it from doing its job.

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An important thing to remember is that while a skimmer will take in debris from the pond, and will hold it until you clean it out, the debris is still decomposing in there, and giving off gases that will circulate through the pump and back into the pond. Be sure to prevent this by regularly checking on build-up, and emptying the leaf basket as soon as possible. Cleaning it out will only take a couple of minutes! A skimmer is a handy, helpful machine, essential to maintaining a healthy pond. The Atlantic Water Gardens Pond Skimmer sells for just over $200.

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