Z-Shade 13×13′ Instant Gazebo Review

Outdoor events are perfectly lovely. Fresh air, warm sun, everybody together and free to move about. They are great for photography, too. Nothing beats natural light! As a host, it is your job to make sure everyone is comfortable and enjoying themselves. A canopy or gazebo makes a big difference in levels of comfort during outdoor events. Canopies and gazebos provide shade, which cools down your guests, as well as shields their eyes from a bright midday sun. They are also beneficial for children and pets, while providing a nice backdrop for photoshoots, or as focal points for grand outdoor events. They can act as a stage or frame for the main event. There are even gazebos that set up in minutes, making them ideal for camping trips or picnics. Today we review the Z-shade instant gazebo.

Z-Shade 13x13' Instant Gazebo Review

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Installing a permanent gazebo or pagoda is a huge expense, and a huge commitment to one design that will define your backyard space for years to come. This can be problematic for people who can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on a bit of shade from the sun; it’s also problematic for anyone who plans to move in the near future. Portable – or instant – gazebos are a great option for anyone looking for something that sets up and takes down quickly. They are great for photographers, families, or even couples who want to enjoy a bit of shade and solitude together. They call it instant because it sets up in minutes, but you’ll feel like an aristocrat hanging out under this fancy canopy! It comes with stakes for tying it down, as well as a transport bag. It weighs fifty-nine pounds, and the transport bag is on wheels, which makes it very easy to carry everywhere. The legs have three different height settings. At its peak, when fully extended, the canopy stands 9’ 6”, and provides 170 square feet of shade. It adds protection to any outdoor event such as a wedding, backyard party, bake sale, and the list goes on! You can even set it up on the deck for protection from the sun. It also works very well at the beach. It measures thirteen feet by thirteen feet.

z-shade gazebo review

The Z-Shade Instant Gazebo comes with assembly instructions, and it’s important to pay attention to them. There is a smaller canopy that sits atop the big, main one. The smaller of the two simply clamps onto the larger, and you then push it up. While it comes with stakes, you may find that you want to place it upon a concrete patio, which makes staking impossible. The posts are ten feet apart from each other, so the footprint ends up being 10’x10’, while the canopy extends an additional three feet past the posts on all sides, coming in at 13’x13’. If you want to stand it upon a concrete patio, and staking to the ground is impossible, just get yourself some sandbags and it’ll stay up. It is very solid and a great option for anyone looking for an affordable gazebo.

The frame is made of rust-resistant steel and is powder-coated. The height adjustments are an insta-lock frame and a pull pin lock system. There are three separate height options that you can choose from, according to your needs. As the sun sits in the middle of the sky around noon and early afternoon, it is great to have the canopy fully extended. As the sun sets you may find that you need to lower the canopy. As well, the lower heights are good for kids.

The high-quality pagoda top is constructed of durable polyester for UV protection. The canopy fabric is in fact water resistant and fire resistant! It provides 99% UV protection. However, it is not built to withstand severe weather; it is not meant to be a permanent installation. We must stress its portability. We’d hate to see you be disappointed in this great canopy! Its intended use is for temporary protection from the sun. It may collapse in the rain so please do not leave it out all season long. It really works best when taken out and set up for singular events. Imagine all the possibilities: garage sales, bake sales, birthday parties, backyard barbecues, beach trips, and more!

patio gazebo canopy z-shade

There are curtains on all four corners for a very sophisticated look. We imagine having a Downton Abbey-themed tea party under this. It can easily be modified to repel mosquitoes: simply find some mosquito netting and wrap it around the posts for protection from biting bugs.

The Z-shade instant gazebo is an affordable, portable option for sun shade. It is great for backyard entertaining, picnics, bake sales, garage sales, and all kinds of trips to the beach and camping. It comes 95% assembled when shipped, so setup is very easy. It sells for around $160 and comes with a two-year warranty, a great investment for those looking for something portable and affordable.

Check for deals on the Z-Shade 13×13′ Instant Gazebo on Amazon now


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