Yescom 9′ Outdoor Solar Powered LED Umbrella Review

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This is a review of the Yescom 9′ Outdoor Solar Powered LED Umbrella. It’s a bit unique compared to some other outdoor umbrellas. It has a vented, UV, and fade-resistant fabric. That’s a feature that all the best umbrellas have.

A fun feature of this umbrella is the LED lighting system under the canopy. Outdoor lighting is great for creating a mood. You want to be able to enjoy your patio or garden as the sun sets. This umbrella has built-in LED lights that are solar powered and energy efficient.

There’s more to love about this outdoor umbrella.


Yescom 9′ Outdoor Solar Powered LED Umbrella 8 Ribs w/ 32 Lights for Patio Garden Deck Crank Tilt UV30 Red

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Features of the Yescom 9′ Outdoor Solar Powered LED Umbrella

  • Quality, Outdoor fabric
  • Lighting system
  • Durable construction
  • Tilts for coverage
  • Hand crank for easy setup and storage

Quality, Outdoor Fabric

While all of the components of your outdoor umbrella are important, if the fabric fails to do its job, the umbrella is a total failure. This quality polyester fabric has all the benefits you want in an outdoor fabric.


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Yescom 9′ Outdoor Solar Powered LED Umbrella 8 Ribs w/ 32 Lights for Patio Garden Deck Crank Tilt UV30 Red

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It’ll protect itself against the harmful rays of the sun. Things fade when they sit in direct sunlight over a period of time. This fabric with always hold its color – no matter how many days it spends in direct sunlight.

The fabric doesn’t stop at being protective of itself, either. You’ll get the same kind of sun protection. The umbrella will allow some sunlight, but it has two layers of fabric that provide UV30+ protection.

Giving you protection from the sun is one of its biggest functions, but this umbrella will also protect you from rain showers. It’s completely waterproof.

Lighting System

It’s a good thing that this is waterproof because on the underside of the canopy is a set of LED lights. You don’t have to close down the umbrella at night. Instead, enjoy the energy efficiency of the LED lighting system.

Each of the 8 ribs has 4 LED lights on it for a glow that is soft and yet very illuminating. It’s not going to be as bright as a searchlight, but that’s not what you want in your outdoor lighting.

The lights can be powered with batteries, but it’s mainly using a solar panel on the top of the umbrella itself. You won’t have to worry about cords and electricity outside with this umbrella.

Durable Construction

As just mentioned, there are 8 ribs as an understructure to the canopy. That’s a good amount of ribs to ensure that the canopy has strength under it. Even normal wind can wear at the support of the metal ribs unless there are enough to distribute the potential damage.

The pole itself is made of aluminum with parts using steel and other metals. The entire frame of the umbrella is very strong and durable. This isn’t a flimsy umbrella that will only last for a season. It’ll last for many years to come. The diameter of the pole is 1 ½ inches. Keep that in mind when ordering.

Tilts for Coverage

At the top of the pole is a button that will tilt the canopy for superior sun coverage. Instead of having to move the umbrella around as the sun rises and sets, this small button can resolve all your shade problems.

It’s also great for when the sun sets, and you decide to use the under-canopy lights. You can angle and tilt it to provide the best lighting for your backyard.

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Hand Crank for Setup and Storage

The hand crank is simple to use. It doesn’t require a ton of hand strength to open or close this umbrella. Whether you’re quickly closing this umbrella to avoid a fast-moving storm, or to store it for the season, it’ll only take moments to close the canopy. It’s not a huge process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the lighting have an on/off switch?
There’s an on/off switch for the lights. It’ll give you the ability to save on the battery life when the day is overcast.

What colors are available?
The umbrella comes in a neutral beige, hunter green, and deep red. They’re quite beautiful and won’t fade over time.

Does this come with a base?
You’ll have to purchase a weighted base even if you’re placing this in a table. The pole diameter is 1 ½ inches.

Final Thoughts

This Yescom 9′ Outdoor Solar Powered LED Umbrella is well-constructed with great outdoor fabric. It’ll provide UV protection for anyone who is sitting under it. Along with UV protection, it’ll keep the rain off your head.

The umbrella has a sturdy framework. The crank and tilt mechanisms are easy to operate. They work very smoothly, and will work for many years. The entire umbrella – including the lighting system – has quality construction and attention to detail behind it.


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