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Yardistry is an outdoor company with really incredible structures. Whether you want the privacy of a gazebo or a pergola with a sun shade, the company has beautiful options.

All of their structures are made of the best wood for outdoor use. They won’t get ruined sitting in the sun or the rain.

Company Values

The company strives to be a leader in the ready-to-assemble outdoor structure market. They want customers to be able to simply put together the structures they need for a stunning backyard.

Yardistry starts with innovative, original designs then crafts those designs with safety in mind. They want quality structures that are unique and beautiful.

We’re featuring the company in our spotlight because we believe they are achieving their goals.

One of the things we found is that Yardistry is very interactive with its customers.

They have a spot where customers can leave messages and pictures of their structures. You’ll be able to see the creative ways customers are using gazebos.


Each structure crafted by Yardistry is built with Cedar wood. They believe that the beauty of Cedar is unmatched by man-made materials like plastic or composites. It has a warmth and texture that is distinctive.

Cedar lumber contains natural oils that will resist decay as well as repel bugs.

Once a stain is applied to the Cedar, it’s virtually bullet-proof against anything Mother Nature might throw at it. That’s vital for furniture that will spend its entire lifetime outdoors.

Pergola with Sunshades

The frame of the pergola is made from Cedar lumber as mentioned previously. That’s the standard material used by Yardistry. The designs of these pergolas are striking.

Yet, they can still be set up quite easily. They are crafted to be put together by customers themselves. There won’t be complicated instructions, and most of the pieces are pre-assembled where possible.

The sunshades are made from Sunbrella fabric. It’s a tested fabric that is water resistant as well as being UV resistant.

You’ll need to remove the fabric if you have snow fall in your area. Otherwise, the fabric can handle winds and rain. It won’t mold or rip when left outdoors.

Yardistry Pavilion

The company makes beautiful pavilions that can be left outdoors all year long. They are light, airy, and well-constructed. You can place a pavilion over an existing floor like a patio or deck.

The pavilions available at Yardistry are exquisitely constructed. If we could buy all of them, we certainly would!

The beauty of a pavilion from Yardistry is that the structure is made with the finest Cedar lumber. Customers might often ask why structures from this company seem light.

It’s because of the wood being used. It’s Kiln Dried to ensure that all the moisture has been removed. It’s lighter this way and because it’s a light material compared to some other woods.

The pavilions are made completely of wood, and sturdy, so you can definitely leave them outside. If you do get snow, you’ll have to make a decision about whether you should shovel the snow from the roof or not.

Gazebo with Metal Roof

Yardistry gazebos have an aluminum roof. It’s a lovely structure with a Montana bronzing on it. There are others with an aluminum roof of a different color. You can choose to have the roof blend in with the color of the wood. Or it can stand out with the bronzing.

We prefer the bronze color roof. It’s truly distinctive, and you’ll receive so many compliments on it. It doesn’t blend into the top of the structure. Instead it stands out as a great garden room.

Garden Gates

The garden gates from Yardistry are quite beautiful. They’re made of Cedar of course, but come in two colors.

There’s the natural stain that allows the wood’s grain to be seen. There’s the gray that cover the entire gate. They have faux glass inserts at the top that are really stunning, but you don’t have to worry about them breaking.

Instruction Manuals

Yardistry wants you to be able to assemble your structure simply and easily. They have pretty detailed instructions available when you open the box.

They also have instructions online in case you lose the ones that came with the structure. There are videos, too. We love that they think of everything when it comes to installing your gazebo or pavilion.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Yardistry has lovely, well-constructed outdoor rooms that you’ll be proud to erect in your backyard. The solid wood is much different than some other company’s structures, which are made of metal.

It’s a more natural element for your backyard that will blend beautifully.


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