Yamaha NS AW350 2-Way Indoor Outdoor Speakers Review

The sound sets the stage for the party, and we want to help you find the best sound system possible! A good set of outdoor speakers will profoundly amp up the backyard party fun.

No more hauling the stereo out to the deck in pieces; no more blaring the music from inside and hoping it plays out the window. No more get-togethers without music! Get yourself a pair of outdoor speakers already.

There are a few things to consider when choosing speakers. First, consider the type(s) of music you typically play. Is there a lot of bass? Genres like reggae, rap, and rock feature prominent bass lines, which means you’ll need speakers that can handle the low frequencies. These ones can, as they are equipped with a woofer inside.

Secondly, how much space are you looking to fill with sound? If your area is say, 324 square feet, you can get away with a stereo that is 40 watts per channel and non-efficient speakers. The efficiency of a speaker refers to its ability to produce sound on a certain amount of wattage. The more efficient a speaker, the lower the wattage required to produce sound. This makes it easier on the hydro bill, that’s for sure.

Yamaha NS AW350 2-Way Indoor / Outdoor Speakers

The Yamaha NS AW350 are two-way indoor / outdoor speakers, meaning they have a woofer and a tweeter, but are lacking a mid-range frequency, which you would find in a three-way speaker along with the woofer and tweeter. Here the sound is split in two. The high sounds go to the tweeter, and the low sounds go to the woofer.

Yamaha NS-AW350B All-Weather Indoor Outdoor 2-Way Speakers - Black pair review

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These two-way indoor/outdoor speakers by Yamaha are sold as a pair, and each use a six and a half inch high polypropylene woofer, and one-inch glass-filled dome tweeter.  You’ll see them online and in stores in both black or white, and they are ideal for deck or porch use, and can be taken down and used indoors during the winter months.

Their system delivers a wicked bass and treble for use in rain or shine. However, because of their size, they don’t give much low bass, so if you are looking for some heavy thumping, perhaps you could add a subwoofer to handle the lower bass frequencies. Alternatively, another model may work better for you.

Using speaker wire, you can attach them to any stereo. They are 6 ohm speakers and are designed to work with an amplifier or receiver. The sleek black curvature makes for a very attractive entertainment system.

Their acoustic suspension lends to a very crisp and clean sound, as they are sealed, keeping the resonance nice and tight. This also keeps the light wind and water out!

Watch this quick unboxing video of these speakers to get a closer look at them.

These Yamaha NS-AW350’s don’t have to be mounted; they can be hidden amongst a table and some plants to provide background noise without breaking up the look of your backyard setup. You can play music from your phone, laptop, or any other device by plugging it into the amplifier, which will then send the sounds through the speakers.

An added bonus is how lightweight these speakers are. They are easy to set up and take down in between seasons, and Best of all, they are magnetically shielded and water-resistant. While they are meant for outdoor use, we recommend mounting them under an overhang or somewhere that shelters them from the elements. They provide enough noise to entertain the guests and irritate the neighbours.

They are also great for chilling out on the deck. Simply hook them up to your stereo amplifier and they will come to life with clean and clear sound. For only being six and a half inches tall, they sure pack a punch! As they have an impedance of six ohms, they work well with amplifiers up to forty watts per channel.

Wattage refers to what’s going on inside the speaker: specifically, moving the tweeters, mid-range, and woofers back and forth. The amplifier supplies this power, and the higher the wattage, the more power that gets put out. This pair of Yamaha speakers has 40 watts nominal, or 130 watts peak power.

Yamaha NS-AW350B All-Weather speakers review

The speakers are magnetically shielded, meaning you can set them on or near a television or other video screen without losing your picture. Some people have had an issue with the front covers coming off after time. It does not happen to everyone but depends upon the weather situation. High heat can cause this problem, but the grills are very easy to reattach.

This can easily be fixed by adding a few drops of silicone and reattaching. The speakers come with mounting bases and brackets, as well as a user’s manual to show you how to install them. Again, they are fully mountable and we recommend tucking them in a spot that provides some protection from the elements, such as under an overhang, or amongst plants.

The Yamaha NS AW350 Speakers sell for around $150 a pair, which is a fantastic deal for the compact design, and all kinds of stereo fun you will have with them.

Check the price of these Yamaha NS-AW350B All-Weather speakers on Amazon now


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