XtremepowerUS Rattan Wicker Canopy Gazebo Review

When picking out a gazebo for your backyard there are many things to take into account. Everything from dimensions and design, to functionality and price as well as endurance over time and through the weather elements. At the same time, if you’re like us you might find that simply checking out a home and hardware store doesn’t quite bring up anything too exciting.  In fact, we’ve often found selections to be rather on the bland or pricey side.

The hardest part especially, in our opinion, seems to be picking out your first gazebo.  The consideration seem to be endless and matching that with your ideal decor and budget range can be more than a headache.  This is why, not only have we dedicated an entire section and buyer’s guide to exploring different types of gazebos, we’ve also set out to find the perfect starter.

Therefore, after much deliberation, we have dug up our starting champion and it is the XtremepowerUS Rattan Wicker Canopy Gazebo.  You will find it hits all the right spots for those eager to get a canopy set up in their backyard.

First, the price is most friendly but fear not for it doesn’t compromise on quality.  The sturdy frame and weather resistant powder coating will have you covered.  The size is a very happy medium.  

Coming in at 10 by 10 feet, it is spacious but not at all oversized.  The design is simple, featuring neutral colouring that will easily fit anywhere you need it, however, it has a very elegant finish giving it a flare of elegance and style.  

Finally, the soft canopy build puts it in the category of gazebos that are easiest to set up, making it a hassle free experience.

At the end of the day, if you are still confused about where to start and are looking for the most well rounded gazebo out there, your search ends here and the XtremepowerUS is the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow. If you want to read more on canopy gazebos, you should check out our review of the best canopy gazebos out there.



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