Voyage Outdoor 8pc Brown Wicker Seating Set Review

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Today we review the Voyage Outdoor 8 piece brown wicker patio furniture set, made by Great Deal Furniture. This comfortable, high quality set includes four armchairs, two loveseats and two coffee tables.

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This furniture has a rather tropical feel to it, with low-rising seating and back cushions set at just the right angle to help you relax comfortably in the sun and entertain guests, or lounge with your favourite book on a beautiful summer afternoon.

This furniture is hand crafted from tightly woven polyurethane wicker. Wicker is a popular choice of material for patio furniture for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, it is very lightweight. This means it is easy to rearrange the furniture depending on your preferences or events.

For example, you may to arrange the seating differently for a cocktail party, or move it to the grass for a campfire.

The weave makes for a very comfortable sit, as the material will, due to its nature, conform ever so slightly as you sit upon it. Another benefit of wicker furniture, due to its woven nature, is its ability to allow for airflow.

This isn’t something we think about necessarily, but while you’re sitting outside in the hot sun, a bit of extra airflow will be welcomed.

It is not enough to make you feel a breeze, but it is enough to help help keep you cool so you can enjoy your outdoor time by giving some breathing room.

Another great thing about this particular set is that the wicker is made of synthetic material: specifically, polyurethane resin.

Natural wicker becomes very brittle over time, and is prone to splitting and cracking. This causes splinters and costs you money.

PE wicker is far more durable and can stand up to most weather conditions. You won’t have to worry about splinters or decay and brittleness.

The cushions include covers that are machine washable.

We recommend washing them after each season of use. Simply unzip, remove and through in the washing machine on a cold cycle.

We recommend air-drying the covers: do not put them in the dryer! Additionally, these covers are resistant to mold and mildew.

The dimensions are as follows:

Chair: 30” length by 28.35” width by 33” height
Loveseat: 30” length by 50.25” width by 33” height
Coffee table: 21.25” length by 42” width by 17.25” height

The weight limit per chair is 250-300 pounds, and 400-500 pounds for the loveseats.

Create an exotic paradise right in your backyard. This set is known for its contemporary style and ergonomic, graceful curves, especially in the armrests.

The colour scheme – rich mocha wicker with lighter cushions – works well with any existing décor and landscaping.

It is the perfect set where you can entertain guests with cocktails, lounge by the pool, read a book or spend time with family.

The nature of the eight pieces enables you to create either one large seating area, or two separate areas: one with loveseats, the other with four chairs.

The number of pieces gives a lot of flexibility in terms of customising layout, especially as it includes two coffee tables.

It is very lightweight, so you will have no problem rearranging again and again. Given its lightweight nature, the set remains stable and is very durable.

Featuring comfortable cushions and elegant style, this set is one of style, reliability and comfort, with PE wicker that is industry standard and known for being durable and weather resistant.

We recommend bringing the cushions inside during rain or snow. This will help prolong their respective lifespans, and let you enjoy the cushions sooner.

They are stuffed with foam and this foam is absorbent. It will hold onto moisture for a long time. Keep the cushions dry and you can enjoy your patio set soon as the rain is over.

The manufacturer, Great Deal Furniture, makes it very easy for you to build. There is some assembly required upon receiving the set.

All hardware is included with a set of instructions. We recommend laying out all pieces before putting anything together. Figure out where everything goes, and match up the hardware.

This will help you spot any missing hardware or pieces. Then, when everything is accounted for, you can go ahead and install. Each piece has a separate bag of instructions and tools, specifically Allen key, bolts and nuts.

All in all, this is a comfortable and sturdy patio set. The wicker weave is high quality and the cushions offer a comfortable place to sit and enjoy the summer days and nights.

You can arrange everything into one seating area or create different focal points and gathering areas in your yard and patio. This eight piece patio furniture set by Great Deal Furniture sells for around $1100.

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