Urban Furnishing OAHU 7-Piece Wicker Rattan Patio Set Review

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Whether you have just bought a new house or are looking to vamp up the excitement of your backyard entertainment setting, a new patio set will probably completely change your attitude toward summer.

Summer is awesome, but now it will be extra-awesome with a low-profile, sleek set of patio furniture.

Urban Furnishing is a brilliant designer and producer of high-quality patio furniture. Today we review their seven-piece wicker set with a modern grey rattan wicker weave and sea blue cushions.

Given that grey and blue are natural hues, this set will look great amongst any landscaping or décor you have going on in your yard. Not only will it work well with others, but it can truly stand out on its own and bring a lot of life to the space.

If it handed over a resume, we would hire it for being so darn adaptable and fantastic! It will brighten up the yard, bringing a very contemporary, chic, but timeless atmosphere.

Soon all your neighbours and friends will be dropping by for some summer evening hangouts.

Urban Furnishing Oahu 7 Piece Wicker Rattan Patio Set – Beige

Customize To Your Heart’s Content

Sectional furniture is the new hot thing in outdoor furniture, providing the same advantage of customization as sectional indoor furniture.

Most people tend to lay out the pieces the same, by putting them all together and leaving one or two separate as armchairs, but not everyone has the same backyard layout or amount of space available.

This set is particularly handy on tiered decks or yards that feature different focal points.

As well, having the blue spotting the yard will bring the whole look together, or you can have it all as one center stage focal point.

Or mix it up and experiment with different layouts! All seven pieces can be enjoyed individually, in pairs, or any other way you think would work for your aesthetic tastes and functional needs. It is great for lounging with drinks, or for a quick nap.

The wicker itself is a synthetic rattan weave, each piece meticulously handwoven. Synthetic wicker is far stronger than natural wicker, which tends to splinter and break due to its brittle nature.

The wicker comes in a designer’s ash grey, with subtle streaks of gradient for a very natural, calming effect. Ash tones have little to no red undertone in them, giving a cool hue.

This matches quite nicely with the sea blue cushions, perfect for a summer night outdoors.

7 Piece Patio Furniture set review

Cushy Cushions!

The cushion covers are removable and washable. The cushions are about four inches thick, making for some seriously comfortable and luxurious lounging time.

They are easy to maintain, and water resistant! However, while they will wick away the water, they can still get wet. If there is a big rainstorm coming, we recommend taking the cushions inside!

But have no fear if they are left out: this set is durable and made to last, and those cushions will be just fine. They will dry out quickly if they do get wet.

Some more features include: dual-sided cushions, which can be flipped and used on either side to preserve their life; Velcro system that adheres the back cushion to seat cushion, keeping them together and you comfortable; multi-layer premium foam, compressed polyester to provide extremely comfortable seating. The wicker weave material is infused with UV inhibitors that prevent cracking and splitting.

This Set Includes…

Included in the seven-piece set are: four armless chairs, two corner chairs, and one coffee table. The armless chairs measure 27.5” x 33.5” x 27.5”. The corner chairs measure 33.5” x 33.5” x 27.5”, and the coffee table is 37.5” x 25.5” x 12”.

The set sells for around $2000 and comes with a three-year warranty on the frame. The frame itself is composed of lightweight aluminum, and what’s our favourite thing about aluminum? Why, it is rustproof, of course! This makes for the ideal patio set because nothing is worse than a big old rust stain on your beautiful cedar deck.

You can leave the set out year round – but we do recommend covering it up with a tarp or other cover for the winter season. Be kind to your patio furniture!

The frame is fairly thick and tubular designed to hold up to 300 pounds per chair. Perfect for you and the dog, because you know darn well you’ll be fighting the dog for a spot.

Wicker Rattan Patio Furniture Sofa Sectional Couch Set

Summer Days, Summer Nights

This set enables you to enjoy a living room in the warm sun or summer evenings, bringing the same level of comfort from inside the house to the backyard.

As it comes with a coffee table, you can sit comfortably with friends and use the table for snacks, drinks, books, etc.

Another great thing about this set is that it requires no assembly. It will be delivered curbside and all you have to do is unwrap and set it out, and get right down to enjoying yourself!

A new set of furniture will encourage you to get outdoors and maybe even throw that party you’ve been thinking about.

The lightweight nature of aluminum allows you to easily reconfigure the furniture as you please. You may wish to use a waterproofing spray on the cushions and bring them inside for winter.

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