Unique Arts Solid Copper Chiminea Combo With Screen Review

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Here at The Backyard Gnome, we take backyard entertaining very seriously. We don’t fool around when it comes to recommending the best products on the market. We believe there are three necessary parts to a kicking backyard party: people, music, and food. We’ll let you take care of the people (it’s not like there are groups of people you can buy for parties).

And while we’ll help you choose out the best music accessories like speakers and Bluetooth devices, we’ll leave the music up to you. And food? The menu is up to you, too: but how will you cook that food? How will you present it? And when night falls, how will you keep guests warm and visibility high? Perhaps we should add a fourth element to the party checklist: fire. Yes, fire. All that hot energy moving around and dancing.

It keeps you warm, provides light, and best of all, it cooks food. Fires are great additions to any backyard party, bringing a sense of community as people unwittingly, like the cavepeople they really are, gather around it. Fire brings promise. It brings promise of comfort and safety (especially when well-contained).

We also, here at The Backyard Gnome, believe that anyone should be allowed to throw a party, whether you live in a mansion or in a townhouse, and we have searched far and wide to find products suited to any lifestyle.

For the purpose of backyard firepits, we have recently really been into the chiminea. They are certainly coming back in style. They were invented in Mexico in the 1600s as a way to cook food with a contained fire, as well as provide heat to the household.

Traditionally they are a pot-bellied oven with a smoke stack. The fire burns from the belly and smoke is directed up the stack and away, unlike a regular fire pit or barbecue. These days, chimineas come in many shapes and sizes.

A Fascinating Copper Model Made by Unique Arts

Unique Arts Solid Copper New Chiminea Combo With Screen review

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This chiminea is made of copper, made by master coppersmiths of 100% recycled copper. Its colour cominbation of black and copper is particularly striking. If you an environmentally conscious person, this is the chiminea for you! It is a three-in-one combination of chiminea, grill, and firepit.

Chimineas are so much cooler than barbecues and regular old firepits, because they combine the best elements of both while posing less of a fire hazard. Chimineas have spark screens that prevent sparks from flying out and setting things on fire.

Chimineas also hold in their heat, like a regular cooking oven, so they are the best option if you are looking for something that will not only entertain guests, but also cook your food thoroughly. And because they are firepits, your food will have the same tasty smoky flavor as a barbecue, but you get to enjoy the cool shape and look of a chiminea.

No one wants to gather around a barbecue. Everyone will want to gather around your chiminea, though! You can cook anything in a chiminea: everything from meat to pizza! We recommend using a cooking pan to set atop the grate, and if you are making bread or pizza, we recommend using a stone to ensure thorough heating.

Another cool element to this one is that the copper takes on a patina over time, meaning that its finish will turn colour, giving it a timeless, worn look, but one that is very pleasing and gets better with age. We love that chimineas are both functional and decorative. Every backyard accessory should have these qualities!

unique arts solid copper chiminea

It weighs around 50 pounds, so it should be easier to move than other models. Aluminum, in addition to being rust resistant, has the advantage of weighing less than cast iron. This chiminea is a great way to enjoy the evenings in your backyard. As the sun sets and the temperature drops, you and your guests will be able to enjoy the changing sky by the warmth of the chiminea.

It really does look like an old fireplace. We love the antique look to this model by Unique Arts. As the copper turns over time, it will continue to bring joy to you with its fascinating aesthetic appeal.

We highly recommend setting the chiminea upon a concrete patio, or a layer or bricks. Do not place the chiminea directly upon wooden deck or the grass, as this poses a major fire hazard, and will cause severe heat damage to the deck or grass. With its three-in-one combination of chiminea, grill, or firepit, you can enjoy it as a cooking device, a fireplace, and a gathering place for you and guests.

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