Tropishade Tropilight LED Market Umbrella Review

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The Tropishade Tropilight LED Market Umbrella is a lovely umbrella with bronze details, a unique LED light on the ribs, and a tilt mechanism. There are many great features to be had with this market umbrella.

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Features of the Tropishade Tropilight LED Market Umbrella

  • Wide shade canopy
  • Aluminum frame
  • Tilt for shade coverage
  • Wind vent
  • LED lighting
  • Polyester cover
  • Easy crank mechanism

Wide Shade Canopy

The surface of the canopy is what throws shade onto the top of your head. You can expect to get a wide amount of shade with this 9 foot canopy. That’s a good amount of coverage.

An umbrella should cover you and others you want to sit and have a conversation with while out enjoying the fresh air. This isn’t a personal umbrella. It is shade that can be shared with others.

Aluminum Frame

The frame of this umbrella is the structure that holds it together. It should be durable while being lightweight. An umbrella that’s too heavy can’t be carried with you to various locations. It’s hard to carry an umbrella that’s meant to be stationary. It would be too heavy.

The Tropishade Tropilight LED Market Umbrella is made with an aluminum frame. This makes it durable enough to withstand the elements. High winds won’t bend the frame of this umbrella. While you should store any umbrella when there’s a storm coming, freak gusts can come up even when there’s no storm on the horizon.

With the coating of bronze on the frame, you’re getting a stylish and durable finish that will stand against all kinds of weather.

Tilt for Shade Coverage

Even though the umbrella can be moved because it’s fairly light, it’s much easier to tilt the canopy. If you’re like us, you’ve tried to lean the pole of an umbrella in different directions to avoid the sun. It usually falls to the ground, or some poor person has to hold the pole at a weird angle.

Instead of making your guests angle your umbrella, this one has a tilt mechanism that will cover you from the sun. It has three different tilt positions. Don’t move the entire umbrella. Use one that has tilt options.

LED Lighting

The umbrella has a unique feature that we absolutely love. The interior ribs of the umbrella have strings of LED lights. They’re amber lights that reflect the color of the ribs underneath.

The LED lights are not solar operated. There’s an adapter with a long cord that can be plugged in for a fun bit of illumination. Keep in mind that you’ll need access to a plug as well as a cord and a path that doesn’t cause your guests to trip.

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Vented Polyester Covering

At the top of the canopy, you’ll find a bit of venting. This is to ensure that the wind doesn’t build up under the fabric and lift the umbrella. The depth of the covering means that there is plenty of space that can heat up, too. The venting will keep the underside of the umbrella from building heat.

The covering itself is a polyester that will protect you from UV rays. Its color will stay when the umbrella has been sitting in the sun for weeks, months, or years, too, since it’s UV protection extends to the fabric and color.

The fabric is also weather resistant. It’ll keep you protected from the sun as well as rain. This is more than just a sun shade. It protects during sudden rain showers, too.

Suggested Uses

Yard Sales or Flea Market Sellers – When you’re selling outside at a yard sale in your own yard, or if you’re a vendor at a market, this umbrella is perfect. It’s easy to move around. The tilt will keep the sun off your head all day, too.

Outdoor Party Events – Guests can sit at your outdoor table and enjoy the cool shade from this umbrella. It can be moved as needed or tilted to give more shade. The LED lights will also allow you to keep this open at night and provide glowing mood light.

Early Morning Breakfast – Sitting outside in the morning enjoying fresh orange juice and coffee with your morning breakfast. That’s the dream of many people when they purchase a home. This umbrella will help you keep that sun from being directly in your face.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this come with a base?

You’ll have to purchase your own base for this umbrella. The company has some specifically for the Tropilight, or you might want to buy a matching bronze one yourself.

Where does the cord run for the LED lights?
The cord runs through the pole like many standup lights you might have in your home. You won’t have a dangling cord for the lights becoming a nuisance.

Final Thoughts

This Tropishade Tropilight LED Market Umbrella is a wonderful umbrella that has a tilt option to ensure it’s always blocking sunlight. It doesn’t have to be stored at night, either. Simply plug the umbrella in and you have another source of beautiful light for your backyard gatherings.

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