Trademark Innovations 7′ Solar Powered LED Light Patio Umbrella Grey Review

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Outdoor entertaining is an essential part of summer living.

Everything feels much easier and relaxed. Neighbourhoods quiet down as neighbours go on vacation, while our own backyards light up with noise and fun as we barbecue with friends or gather round a nighttime fire.

No matter your backyard set up or what your patio looks like, it’s important to have a focal point. Typically this will be the patio dining area with a nice table and chairs, some plants and a bit of lighting for ambience.

Trademark Innovations 7′ Solar Led Patio Umbrella

There’s nothing worse than a faded old patio set.

Today we review a gorgeous and fun addition for your patio: a light-up umbrella with its very own LED lighting system.

This thing is way too cool and will set the party vibe for sure.

It also lessens the decorating load on you, since you don’t have to think about lighting anymore.

This umbrella will take your backyard parties from the usual barbecue scene to VIP lounge status.

This umbrella measures seven feet in diameter to give lots of coverage for you and guests. it uses a crank operation to open and close, with eight steel ribs giving structure to this grey fabric. It has a tilt option, so you can track the sun as the earth rotates during the day!

This deluxe solar LED patio umbrella provides plenty of shade on hot summer days. It is super easy to open and close with its crank action.

Along the ribs, on the underside of the umbrella, are three LED lights to each rib. This marquee style lighting provides a really nice ambience. It is super chic and sleek, coming with black steel coating and 180 G polyester fabric.

There is a square solar panel at the top, which absorbs energy from the sun, converts it and powers the LED lights. This means you don’t need electricity or batteries! Solar energy is a great way of generating power.

How does solar power work?

There is a square solar panel on this umbrella. Solar panels work by absorbing sunlight in their cells.

There is an inverter on the back of the solar panel that works by allowing photons (light particles) to free electrons from atoms. This state of conversion then generates electricity flow. Technically speaking, it changes the flow from DC to AC, but we’re not scientists here, just backyard enthusiasts.

The glowing light lasts anywhere from 9 to 12 hours. There is an on/off switch on the umbrella that you will use to control when the lights turn on and off. They will work after just a few hours of charging!

It’s nice to know you can be in charge of turning the lights on and off rather than having them come on automatically. Because no matter how stylish, we don’t always want to light up our patio!

The lights are bright enough for socializing and eating and drinking, but likely not enough for games or reading. That will be up to you and what your eyes can handle. You will want some patio lights or candles for this (better yet, save those activities for the daytime).

The pole is very sturdy and the solar lights are bright. They burn rather a bluish, which works just beautifully with this grey fabric.

Some other ideas include placing the umbrella in a courtyard over some plants to keep them from getting sunburnt (yes, plants can suffer sunburn, too)! When the lights come on at night, it will create the most lovely ambience.

Please note this umbrella is not waterproof. Moisture will get through the fabric, so don’t count on it to keep you dry.

This umbrella is manufactured with superior quality by Trademark Innovations. The lighting is just so elegant at night, perfect for entertaining guests with a party or enjoying a romantic dinner for two.

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The pole is standard umbrella diameter: about 1.5”, meaning it will fit any universal umbrella stand. Umbrella stand is a must: you have to secure the umbrella down in case of wind etc.

Its 7-foot diameter makes it just a bit more universal for all patios no matter how much space you have. Many umbrellas tend to be 9’ in diameter, so the less two feet is a big advantage with this one.

As the fabric is just polyester, not Sunbrella or anything like that, you may notice a slight fade in colour over time. To prevent this you can spray the top with UV blocker, because UV is damaging to both fabrics and our skin! Of course, the physical barrier will stop the sun’s rays hitting you, but it will take the hit for you, meaning a slow degradation in colour over time.

The 7’ solar LED patio umbrella by Trademark Innovations retails for around $50.

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