Trademark Innovations 5′ LED Lighting Rectangular Umbrella Review

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This a review of the Trademark Innovations 5′ LED Lighting Rectangular Umbrella. It has some truly unique features including the shape and size of the canopy.

Instead of a large, 10 foot umbrella, you get a partial umbrella that can be placed close to any structure.


5′ x 65′ LED Patio Half Umbrella with Rectangular Design by Trademark Innovations (Pink)

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Features of the Trademark Innovations 5′ LED Lighting Rectangular Umbrella

  • Rectangular, half canopy
  • Twenty LED lights
  • Coated black steel
  • Solar panel
  • 180g canopy fabric
  • Bright, vibrant colors

Unique Half Canopy

A full umbrella with a wide canopy can actually be a nuisance if you don’t have enough space for it. This half umbrella is perfect for patios and gardens where you want to place the umbrella next to a structure.


Trademark Innovations 5′ x 65′ LED Rectangular Patio Half Umbrella (Tan)

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New UV blocking 10′ x 65′ Rectangle Umbrella Patio Outdoor Bistro Balcony Wall Window Sunshade W/Solar LED Green #901

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A sun shade has to be 3-point mounted, which can be inconvenient or even impossible. A large canopy leaves open space where sun can seap through. This half canopy umbrella is like the Goldilocks of the canopy world.

It’ll fit snug against your shed, garage, or outside wall of your home. It’ll act as a sun shade without all that extra anchoring you would have to do. It can easily be moved as needed, too. If you don’t like it in the right-hand corner, move it to the left.

Coated Steel Frame

The frame of this umbrella is a black steel that is powder coated for durability. If you don’t know what powder coating is, or why it’s a good thing, here’s a little explanation.

We won’t go crazy with a ton of details. It’s a little complicated when you dig deep, but basically, it’s a coating that enhances the metal’s durability outdoors.

Instead of painting the steel or aluminum, powder coating is magnetically transferred to the metal. It becomes a part of the metal’s structure. That means it’s another layer that protects.

It won’t peel or chip leaving the metal exposed to the potential of rust. It’ll prolong the life of your metal outdoor furniture. Wherever possible, try to get powder coated metal furniture for your backyard.

Twenty LED Lights

We’ve covered many kinds of outdoor umbrellas here. Enjoying a cool breeze while being protected from the harsh rays of the sun. That’s the essence of backyard relaxation.

We’ve talked about full umbrellas, ones with lights, and ones with unique shapes. This umbrella has a few unique properties. The shape is one, and the lights are another.

The lights are solar-powered LED. There are 20 of them along the underside of the canopy. Each rib has 4 lights for illumination after the sun goes down. Backyard lighting is vital to continuing the relaxation in your backyard even after you don’t need the umbrella’s protection.

Solar Panel for Lights

On the top of the canopy is a solar panel that will gather all the energy needed to power these LED lights.

You don’t have to worry about wires and electricity, so this umbrella can be as far away from the house as you’d like. The solar panel provides the LED lights with 9 to 12 hours of glow.

Each day, the solar panel gathers enough power to light the LEDs for hours into the night. This saves on your home electricity bill when you don’t have to plug this into an outlet.

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Fun Colors Available

There are a few colors available for this umbrella. Most outdoor umbrellas come in a few traditional colors like blue and beige. This umbrella sticks with the fun colors like pink, teal, and orange. For neutrals, there are black and gray for choices.

If you’re using this in the far reaches of the garden, why not pick a color you wouldn’t normally? The pink or the teal will look fantastic among all your lovely flowers.

It doesn’t have to match the house or the rest of your patio furniture. This gives you more opportunity for fun, vibrant colors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the fabric weight of the canopy material?
The polyester fabric is 180g.

Does this umbrella come with a base?
You’ll need to purchase your own base for stability. Even though this will be placed in a corner, it needs to be weighted down to ensure it doesn’t move.

How much does the umbrella weigh?
The shipping weight of this product is approximately 15 pounds. 14 of those pounds are the umbrella itself. That’s not a lot of bulk, so you’ll definitely need to consider that when purchasing your base.

Final Thoughts

The Trademark Innovations 5′ LED Lighting Rectangular Umbrella is a truly unique-looking umbrella. It has lighting that doesn’t require electricity. This allows you to put the umbrella in any location you wish. It doesn’t have to be close to the house or an electrical outlet.

One of our favorite features of this umbrella is actually the colors. It’s fun to have such vibrant choices that don’t have to match any other décor. You don’t have to be timid with the color when you’re using it deep in the backyard. It’ll be like a colorful secret.


Sundale Outdoor Half Round Resin Umbrella Base for

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