Tidewater Workshop Cedar Garden Walkway Review

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Walkways are crucial to any space, as they delineate a designated pathway for people, thereby keeping the land around it untouched and beautiful, but also creating a focal point and adding mystical beauty and charm.

A walkway is one of those additions to a yard that you don’t think about, but without one, you’ll notice something is missing, and when a pathway is present, everything makes sense. Walkways have practical uses, of course. You can set them in the yard or expansive garden to stop people trampling your plants, while inviting them to meander and enjoy the scenic surroundings.

They are sure to add style, as they are entirely customizable. You can have stone or wood or paved pathways. However, constructing one yourself is a lot of work and money, and the pathway is not always desired for a permanent yard installation. Perhaps you are setting up an outdoor event that requires temporary decoration!

No matter your needs, we have found a walkway that serves all purposes. Today we review the cedar garden walkway by Tidewater Workshop.

Tidewater Workshop Cedar Garden Walkway Review

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This pathway is a roll-out walkway measuring 94”, with twenty-seven boards that feature a one-inch gap in between. This lends to maximum flexibility so you can lay it over any surface, including a gently rolling lawn. It rolls up for easy storage. This walkway remains in one piece so you don’t have to do any work to it!

It is assembled in America and has a nylon cord. It reminds us of the Ikea bed slats, only better quality (don’t tell them we said that). A great feature is that each board is attached to the cord individually, so you can actually cut the cord if the walkway is too long for your space. You can even cut it in half and add pieces here and there, if that is what you need.

You can, of course, purchase Garden Anchors separately, if you decide to make this a more permanent installation. This is crafted by hand and is very durable, and because it is made from cedar, it is naturally weather- and rot-resistant, and will repel bugs. Cedar contains naturally occurring resins that bugs hate, and makes it a very strong material for standing up to weather.

This is especially important when considering building materials because you do not want to attract termites that will eventually cause decay. The wood ages very nicely and gives an organic shape and natural look to any space.

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The cedar garden walkway rolls up for easy storage during the winter, and easy reinstallation in the spring. Its portability makes it ideal for moving around the yard, too. Like all cedar materials, this pathway will eventually wear to a silvery grey, but you can coat it in cedar stain of your choice.

It only weighs fourteen pounds, so it very easy for one person to move around and set up. it looks great in the front yard leading to the porch, and goes beautifully through a garden, creating a dreamy space that takes us back to romantic landscapes read about in novels.

The walkway, due to its boards-on-a-rope design, curves nicely and makes for a good fit around a pond. Overall, it is approximately eight feet long and about 17.5 inches wide. There are rope loops at the ends that make it easy for anchoring it down. It’s great for areas of the yard that get muddy and soft after rainfall, enabling you to walk around freely.

It’s good for dogs, too: lay it down for them and it will keep their paws from getting muddy. It also finds its use in leading to you an area of the yard you’re working on when the ground is found in these wet conditions. Some people also like to lay down a sand or weed liner to keep it in place. If you find that your lawn is very soft, and this sinks into the earth, then laying down a liner first will prove to be very useful.

Its portability makes it great for cutting the grass. You don’t have to worry about grass poking up through the slats and never being able to cut it: simple roll up and stash away while you mow the lawn! Be careful not to pinch your fingers when rolling it up.

If the designated space is flat, you can nail a couple of 2x4s to the underside, in order to elevate it off the ground, for a more permanent installation. This will help keep you and pets off the wet ground and provide a bit of a walkway come winter. It’s also great for beach houses, providing a footpath that keeps you out of the sand.

It’s also good for areas of the yard where the grass just does not want to grow.

The cedar garden roll-up pathway sells for around $50.

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