Theater Solutions Rock Speakers Review

If you’re an avid thrower of parties, in particular outdoor parties, then you need to get yourself a good pair of outdoor speakers, my friend! Nothing makes a party like the beats. Music sets the mood and atmosphere like nothing else, and it’s important to have high-quality sound that guests can listen to and enjoy while they all hang out in your cool backyard.

Modern technology amazes us again with Theater Solutions Rock Speakers. No, not rock n roll; rather, rocks. Like geology kind of rocks. Rocks in the garden rocks. And these speakers look just like natural rock, and are small, which means they can fit just about anywhere on the patio, on the porch, mounted on the wall, hidden under a plant, or next to the swimming pool.

No matter your decorating tastes, no one wants a big old pair of black speakers that intrude upon the natural landscape and take the attention away from that rosebush you’ve been primping.

Theater Solutions Rock Speakers Review

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They come in a granite gray finish, and each material comprising the speakers (plastics, rubber, etc.) have been repeatedly tested for durability. And they conquered those tests, which is why we recommend them as a perfect choice for a high-quality outdoor speaker.

They are weatherproof against rain, snow, ice, and salt.  They will even stand up to pool chemicals should you choose to keep them near the pool.

These rock speakers are silicone-sealed, and multi-layered composite cabinets that house the drivers. Over the speakers are rust-resistant grills, so nothing can take away from their reassuring, natural stone look. The woofers, which give the low notes like bass, are 8 ohm, poly-mica cone drivers, coming with sealed voice coils and butyl rubber surrounds.

The tweeters, which give the higher sounds, are ¾” Ferro-fluid soft cone domes. The speakers as an entire unit stand four and a half inches tall, and are specially angled at twenty degrees to deliver crisp sounds from ground level. This makes them ideal for a pool party!

You may buy the speakers expecting a basic experience of sitting outside and having some noise play at you, but you will be surprised by how good they sound.

The tonal range between highs and lows is extremely impressive, and they tend not to bother the neighbours given their design. (Of course, everyone has a neighbour who likes to call by-law at any chance, so use at your own discretion).

The casing is a highly durable material that will stand up to not only the wet elements like rain, snow, and humidity, but also to blaring sun and high heat conditions.

They are just a bit smaller than a pineapple, making them very easy to tuck away. The speaker grills are rust-resistant and blend in perfectly with the granite gray of the housing. We bet that your guests will think you’re a magician with these wonderful sounds coming out of thin air: little do they know, it is the little rock beside their chair that sings to them.

speakers that look like rocks review

While the speakers are guaranteed to stand up to the elements and the test of time, we recommend bringing them inside during severe storms and the winter months. Some people like to leave their stuff outside all year long, but we think they don’t love themselves.

Be kind to your babies and they will last years. Take them inside at the end of the outdoor season, please. The manufacturer guarantees a lifetime warranty against defects but not carelessness!

You will need a music source (such as an ipod, or phone, or CD player) and amplifier of your choosing. The speakers will connect to the stereo so be sure to consider your backyard layout before choosing the length of wire you need. You may want to use heat wrap connectors to connect the wires to the speakers, in order to further insulate from rain or moisture.

Please note that the speakers do not come with speaker wire. In fact, regular speaker wire is not what you will need: they require fourteen-gauge wire, which can easily be found at any A/V or home improvement shop. 14-gauge wire provides the power needed, and is needed for carrying the sound longer distances without breaking up the signal.

For example, any length under forty feet will require a 16-gauge wire, while anything over a distance of forty feet will require 14-gauge. If you select the right kind of wiring for your setup, you will not experience a decrease in sound quality.

All in all, this pair of outdoor speakers beats all else for their cool speckled rock finish, and their practicality. Their waterproof nature and size makes them ideal for poolside music, or you can use them for backyard barbecues, neighbourhood parties, and even for playing Hallowe’en music on the porch in October.

The Theater Solutions Rock Speakers sell for around $60 for the pair, an absolute steal considering the joyful use you’ll get out of them!

Check the price of these Theater Solutions Rock Speakers on Amazon now


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