TechPlay 3 Speed Turntable Review

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If you’re a music lover, chances are you are nostalgic at heart and love to listen to vinyl. Vinyl plays music just a bit better than the radio, cassette tapes, or CDs can. There really is nothing to compare vinyl to; it’s got that gorgeous soulful sound, with a bit of crackling.

Because Vinyl is analog recording, it catches every single soundwave. CDs and digital files are more compressed, and recorded at a higher speed, so some of the sound is lost. On vinyl you can hear everything as though the musicians were playing it live right next to you. It’s all in the high frequencies.

Whether you’re sold on vinyl and have a collection, and your player died, or you heard vinyl for the first time and are looking to start collecting, you are going to need a player! A record player is also known as a turntable, which holds the record flat on a metal plate. There will be an arm extending over the disc, with a needle on the end.

This needle is placed upon the record, which spins. There are grooves in the record that send vibrations through the needle to the amplifier, which are then converted to soundwaves. Inventors be cray, coming up with this stuff.

There are all kinds of turntables, but many are tabletop and not as portable as we might need. Because we need music in all the places. We need it for the porch, the living room, the bedroom, the basement, and the backyard.

TechPlay 3 Speed Turntable Review

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Today we review a 3-speed turntable by Techplay. It is a portable turntable with a matching stand, giving you all kinds of options for when and where to use it. Many turntables are specifically tabletop, so this feature is a bonus.

The stand is three-legged and black, with each leg tapering to a point at the base. It is extremely stable. The turntable itself is red with a cloth case, and features wooden construction. It has a very classic retro look and shape, to further make authentic your vinyl listening experience!

The colour is crisp and beautiful. The entire thing is made using quality craftsmanship. Its midcentury shape is very attractive and looks good in any retro themed space.

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It has an auxiliary-in and headphone jack, so if you decide you want to play something from your ipod and just use the speaker, you have the option. It measures 20.7 x 18.2 x 14.6 inches, not including the stand. With the stand, the entire unit measures 41” tall to the top of the lid (closed). It weighs only 30 pounds making it super portable.

The needle is auto-stop but does not have auto-return, so when your record is done, you will have to get up and reset the needle. This will just add to the vintage charm of the whole thing, though, in our opinion. It looks good in any room of the house, like the kitchen or living room. It also looks good in a store; just be prepared for price inquiries from every single person.

As mentioned, it plays three speeds, including 33s, 45s, and 78s. These numbers refer to the number of times the record spins per minute. The turntable comes with a 45 adapter, as well as an international AC adapter. Some folks are skeptical of standalone record players, but you need not worry with this TechPlay product.

Upon receiving this item, you’ll be able to set it up and have it playing within minutes. It is foolproof with a retro look, perfect for the millennial generation who like the look of things but don’t want to dig deeply to understand mechanics. The cover latches closed when you’re not using it, and the turntable can easily be unclipped from the stand, removed and carried around.

Best of all, it has input for headphones so you can enjoy the music late into the night, long after everyone has gone to bed. It’s got easy controls and the lid can be closed while playing records. This is a great feature because the lid will help protect the interior from any sort of debris.

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You may even want to theme a few parties around this cool record player once you have it. Try a Mad Men party with smoking jackets, cigars, cocktails and fancy dresses. Or why not a sing-along party? Throw on your favourite old tunes and get everyone to take turns singing.

Of course, vinyls are timeless and all kinds of modern music is distributed in this format. Go ahead and throw any dang party and let this player be the sound of fun and glory.

The TechPlay three-speed turntable sells for around $150. TechPlay USA offers a one-year warranty on this product, so if you have any problems, you can go ahead and contact them.

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