Supertech Sound Activated Mini Rotating Stage Light Review

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Lighting is a crucial element in setting an atmosphere. Even better are lights that dance upon the walls and ceiling (and floor) to propel movement and keep the party going.

What about a light that can alter its colours and flashing patterns in tandem with the music it hears?

With lights spinning and music playing, your guests won’t be able to resist the fun. Bring the party with the Mini Rotating Stage Light by Supertech.

Party Lights

What a world we live in. Plug it in and watch this compact five-inch ball explode into beautiful coloured spots and circles. The darker the environment, the more the light will stand out.

It contains rotating LED lights in red, blue, and green. This fun party feature will light up a whole room as soon as you plug it in. Then, turn on the music and be amazed as it syncs with the sounds to create amazing patterns on the walls and ceiling!

rotating light for parties

Not only does it sync to the music being played, it also syncs to other sounds, such as clapping. It will hear virtually any sound in the environment – any consistent, rhythmic sound – and sync its lights to the surrounding noises.

That’s it, just a light – no speaker, no buttons. Simply plug in and enjoy!

This makes it perfect for the full party experience: all signs in the environment point to one direction, and that direction is FUN.

Your guests won’t be able to think of anything else. Nightclubs, or performing musicians, for example, use lights to enhance the theatricality of the visual experience, as the changing motion and colours act as stimuli to keep the mind awake and paying attention.

Most people tend to blend in with their environments, repeating the patterns and movement they see. Not that your parties are boring, but once you start doing light shows, you won’t go back.

The spinning base has its own set of lights that project outward, while the top ball also contains lights that splay out in all directions. The light is recommended for indoor use only, but if you use it outside, we won’t tell.

The only downside is that you may not get the full light show experience, without a surface for the colours to project onto.

Ideal For House Parties

The shell is black, which keeps it hidden in the dark and optimizes the colour experience. You can operate this light on its own or with other lights for fascinating visuals.

It’s ideal for house party or a singular room due to its compact size. For a larger space we recommend using multiple lights. The placement of your light depends upon your desired effect.

If suspended from the ceiling, the light is guaranteed to touch every surface, allowing the blinking lights to rain upon everything beneath them.

This also gives guests a better vantage point as they can look up to the light fixture and be mesmerized while they dance the night away.

The light includes a bulb upon purchase, so you can use it as soon as you unpack it. The cord is approximately five feet in length, so depending upon the location of your power outlet, you may need to attach an extension cord.

rotating light for party supertech sound activated

There is no on or off switch, which helps prevent guests from accidentally turning it off. This can come in handy if you use the light for a children’s party.

Children have a lot of fun with this light. It will enhance their dance parties and keep them entertained for hours.

What’s better is that it doesn’t grow hot, so you don’t have to worry about a fire hazard, or kids hurting themselves. The light can work for a variety of parties including a backyard get-together.

Consider leaving it on the patio for your guests to enjoy, or inside the house to entertain the children (if applicable).

However, keep in mind there is a bit of call-and-receive taking place: the light requires surfaces upon which to land. Maybe there is a corner of your patio near the door, for example, which is likely close to an outlet, that you can plug the light into.

There are all sorts of possibilities for this fun little friend:

– house parties

– kids’ parties

– family fun

– school dances

– holiday parties like Christmas or New Year’s

– storefront window displays

– add a bit of motion and fun to a casual banquet

Don’t let its small size fool you. The lights are big and bright and can reach twenty feet or farther, while the faceted dome reflects its own light and projects it all over.

Lighting adds just the right touch. Imagine having this in the middle of a space-themed party! Its brilliant design gives a perfect balance of light that is not too bright, but not too dim.

Just enough glow to create a party atmosphere. You can either hang it from the ceiling or wall with two screws, or set it upon a table.

Best of all, it requires no batteries, as it runs on a power cord, and has a working time of one hundred-thousand hours! Don’t forget to unplug it at the end of your party, for there is no off switch. Sells for around $50.

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