Sunnydaze Fire Pit Review

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The nights are longer and the air is warmer. It’s time to start making those summer plans. If you have any property or like to go camping, or even have a cottage, then you have known the value of a fire pit.

Fire pits bring everything to the outdoor summertime experience. We tend to wear light clothes in the day and forget that the nights cool off.

Gathering everyone round a fire will keep them warm for sure!

iron wood burning fire pit bowl

Warm Nights

Fire has a primal appeal that draws in just about every living thing. Not only does fire keep people warm, but its constantly fluxing energy is thoroughly intriguing.

A firepit can lend to all kinds of new backyard party experiences, because you’ll be able to tie a food theme in with your event. In many big cities, in-ground firepits are illegal due to the hazards they pose.

A freestanding firepit, however, is not illegal, and is far safer. A portable firepit enables you to enjoy the benefits of backyard fire without waiting for the neighbour to call by-law on you. Just about everyone who goes into the wilderness (or into their own backyard) anticipates the fire circle.

It’s cozy, intimate, warm, and bright. Fire will light the night and change the way you cook food. Barbecues make things taste good, that’s true. But they pose some safety hazards, and leave the whole job of cooking up to one person.

With a fire, everyone can gather round and cook their food together at the same time, to their own taste. Whether you plan to enjoy it intimately with yourself and another person, or like to entertain dozens of people in the backyard, a fire pit will be the life of your party.

We recently published articles on backyard party ideas, and today we review a fire pit that will provide years of use, joy, and warmth to you and guests.

Sunnydaze Fire Pit Review

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Sunnydaze Fire Pit Review

Today we review the Sunnydaze Fire Pit. This is a great fire pit that sells for around $160. Its versatility makes it a good choice if you want to take it camping.

That being said, with a fire pit like this in your backyard, you might never need to go camping again. This baby is all cast-iron construction, heavy-duty and in steel colour.

Its bowl measures 30 inches in diameter, while standing 15 inches tall. Its legs are 10 inches themselves, which are slanted for optimal durability. It weighs 25 pounds so it’s a stable thing, a great option for enjoying in the backyard or on the beach. You can also easily take it camping or to the cottage.

The bowl is six inches deep, just deep enough for logs, letting the flames go freely into the air. A fire is a spectacle and watching it move is part of the fun!

Heavy Duty Construction

It has heavy-duty oxidized cast iron construction, with handles on the side for moving it around easily. This is perfect for having backyard parties where you might want to rearrange your furniture, allowing you to set up the firepit wherever you want it! Its portability makes it far more convenient than a firepit that is dug into the ground.

Its steel colour finish gives it a classic, charming look. Very rustic. When we say rustic, we mean that when you remove it from the box to assemble it, you should wear gardening gloves and maybe an old t-shirt.

Some people like the shape of the firepit but not the rust colour so they wash it off and paint it with high temperature paint. The firepit’s design is simple enough that you can choose however you want it.

sunnydaze fire pit


You can buy separate accessories for the firepit like a spark screen or food grill, and a cover. This firepit does not have drain holes so you will have to consider rainwater buildup.

We recommend getting a weatherproof cover and drilling a hole in the bottom and you’ll be good to go. It is covered in rust dust, a powder coating that prevents rust.

You can also empty it and store upside down to prevent water buildup, but a cover will make your life much easier, keeping the bowl dry and maintaining the structural integrity of the firepit.

It is minimalist in design, with a bowl deep enough to allow for perfect airflow. It is very easy to assemble. It comes with the exact number of nuts and bolts you need (so make sure you keep them safe and don’t lose them)!

You’ll be able to use it the day it arrives so get your grill and foods ready. You will want to be careful not to drop the firepit as due to the nature of its construction, it may crack!

larger logs

Its size and shape make it perfect for gathering groups around to cook or simply enjoy the warmth. This is a good size for holding larger logs and thus building larger fires.

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