Sunjoy Soft Top Grill Gazebo Review

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The Sunjoy Soft Top Grill Gazebo is a fantastic gazebo that has multiple purposes. It’s like purchasing a cover for your grill, a space for grilling with extra storage, and a place for guests to enjoy your company. It’ll keep you and your guests dry and cool while you’re cooking on the grill.

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Features of the Sunjoy Soft Top Grill Gazebo

  • Spacious dimensions
  • Side shelves
  • Vented canopy
  • Durable frame
  • LED lights

Vented Canopy for Grilling

The canopy on this gazebo is high enough that you don’t have to worry about the heat from your grill. It provides an incredible amount of shade for the griller in your family. There’s no reason he or she has to suffer under the harsh sun while cooking for the family.

The canopy is vented to provide stability when it’s windy outside. If you don’t have a vent in the top of the canopy, the wind can lift the structure and send it flying. The canopy of the Sunjoy Soft Top Grill Gazebo is two-teired with venting to allow wind to pass through it.

It’s a canopy that is durable and will tolerate the UV rays of the sun day in and day out. It’ll cool anyone sitting under it, too. While it’s made for grilling, you can also add some chairs under the canopy when you’re not using the grill.

Side Shelves

The side hooks are perfect for holding all the utensils you’ll need for your grill. Even if you have a beautiful, expensive grill with side tables and multiple burners, you will still need a place to hold all the grill utensils. You can use the side tables for serving food and drinks to your guests, too.

You could even place bar stools at the side shelves for extra seating. It’s like having a structure with multiple purposes from protecting against the rain and sun to giving you extra space for grilling to giving guests a place to sit. They’ll enjoy your company by the grill, so you don’t have to ignore your guests while making their burgers or ribs.

Durable Frame

The frame of this gazebo is made of aluminum. This will make it light enough for you to assemble on your own. You won’t need a crew to build and install this gazebo for you. It can be moved as needed, too. It can be installed in a variety of places in the backyard. All you have to do is purchase weights to ensure the structure stays in place until you want to move it again.

The frame is still rugged even though it’s light. It’s covered with a powder coating that will protect it from the elements. Sadly, rain, wind, and the sun can work against your outdoor furniture unless it’s protected. The powder-coated finish resists rust as well as flaking.

LED Lights

You can grill any time of the day or night with this canopy. There are LED lights installed directly into the top of the canopy. You could add your own lighting with string bulbs. They’re very trendy right now, but these will save on electricity and are better for the environment.

LEDs won’t burn out as fast as regular bulbs, either. For every 1,200 hours of light from an incandescent bulb, you’re getting 10 times that from an LED bulb. It’ll give you years of lighting without all the wires and bulbs to worry about. You don’t have to worry about setting this gazebo close to an electrical socket. It can be placed anywhere in the yard for grilling.

Spacious Dimensions

Under the canopy, you have plenty of space for your grill and some furniture. It can accommodate friends and family at the side tables as well as under the canopy itself. The entire structure is 8 feet by 5 feet. That’s plenty of space for you and your grill to perform grilling magic. In total, the structure is 96.1 x 59.8 x 98.4 inches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the canopy waterproof as well as UV resistant?
The canopy will stop water from dripping onto your head. It won’t soak through the fabric, either.

How are the LED lights powered?
There are batteries in the LED lights. Each light requires 3 AAAs to illuminate the underside of the canopy space.

Can this be anchored onto a deck?
You can anchor this using weights, so you can move the canopy as needed. It can also be screwed directly to a wooden deck. You’ll just need to purchase anchoring accessories.

For your next outdoor event when you’ll be stuck behind the grill, purchase the Sunjoy Soft Top Grill Gazebo. It gives you plenty of space for holding food and all the accessories you need to make grilling simple. It’ll give you space for you to socialize with your guests, too.

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