Sunjoy Royal Square Hardtop Gazebo Review

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Today we review the Sunjoy Royal Square gazebo. This solid structure will provide a shaded sanctuary in your own backyard, giving you a vacation when you walk out your back door. 
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The gazebo measures 12’x12’ wide, providing a large footprint of shade under which you can comfortably seat several guests on outdoor lounge furniture or at a dining table. It stands 120” tall for plenty of headroom, so you can comfortably walk beneath it and have room to breathe.

This highly fashionable gazebo combines a magnificent design with plenty of shaded protection. With the addition of this shaded oasis in your own backyard, you can enjoy a summer afternoon reading beneath it, or have guests over for drinks and conversation in the evenings.

The hard top ensures you can enjoy the gazebo on sunny or rainy days, as it provides shelter no matter what the weather is doing. This gazebo is so roomy you will feel comfortable beneath it, as though you have extended your living space by adding a whole other living room out of doors. Now this is upscale living!

You can build it atop a deck or patio and mount it securely, or you can stake it into the ground. Wherever you decide to put your gazebo is up to you, and it will look beautiful and strong no matter where it ends up.

The added hook in the center of the canopy is a great feature that you don’t find on many gazebos; this will enable you to add lighting or plants or whatever other decoration you desire to make your outdoor living space entirely your own.

There is a lot of debate over hardtop versus soft top gazebos. Soft top gazebos are the least expensive, and can be dismantled for winter weather. However, this constant maintenance can become irritating.

Hardtop gazebos have several advantages over the soft top models. Hardtop gazebos will be the most expensive choice, but you can look at them as an investment in your property since they will be a permanent fixture.

A gazebo is essentially a roof that stands on four posts. The sides are open and this will provide shelter while enabling you to fully enjoy your surroundings on beautiful days and nights.

A gazebo creates a focal point in the yard, whether you use it on the patio or near a pool area. Its grand presence will create an instant seating area.

People will draw to it naturally; the shelter they offer provides an inviting area under which to sit, whether you are entertaining guests or spending an afternoon reading alone. You will have the perfect place for rest and relaxation in this shaded seating area. You’ll enjoy cool evening breezes as well.

The two-tiered top is a great innovation that truly sets this design apart from others, providing a channel through which wind can travel, thereby keeping the gazebo stabilized.

Otherwise, without a place for wind to go, it will only travel and get caught under the canopy and cause constant strain on the anchors as it pulls up and up repeatedly.

You will feel quite regal and elegant seated beneath the Royal Square hardtop gazebo. Its large size allows for a good amount of furniture beneath it. It features sturdy, safe, steel and aluminum construction with a durable, rust-resistant powder-coated finish. A great feature is the vented canopy.

Venting provides better stability in windy conditions, as the vent gives wind a place of escape. This allows wind to go right thought the gazebo. Otherwise, the wind will catch under the canopy and cause strain on the anchors.

This gazebo is easy to clean, low-maintenance and durable for years and years of enjoyment. It is a beautiful square structure with a strong presence.

In addition to outdoor seating and dining you can host parties under it or use it for photo purposes. Its bold colours and lines are classic enough to appeal to the connoisseur but also modern enough to have mass appeal.

Gazebos are great for hosting barbecues and the like, and you can string them with lights or hang curtains for additional privacy. Some assembly is required upon receiving the item but there is an included manual.

To assemble, we recommend taking all pieces and hardware out, laying them out accordingly to make sure everything is there, and that it lines up.

The beautiful black hardtop compliments the elegant pillars to give a very upscale appearance. Just underneath the center of the canopy, you will find a built-in hook from which you can hang plants or outdoor lighting.

The gazebo will add style and functionality to your backyard: luxury like this has never been so affordable or complete.

The Sunjoy Royal hardtop gazebo comes with a 12-month limited warranty.

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