Sunjoy Regency II Soft Top Gazebo Review

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The Sunjoy Regency II Soft Top Gazebo is a lovely gazebo that will provide you with a covered space in your backyard. Nighttime events are more magical when you can string lighting under a canopy. Day time events are protected from the heat of direct sun with a gazebo. In fact, there are even some outdoor fans that can be installed under the shielding of your gazebo. It creates an intimate setting for many events or everyday outdoor enjoyment.

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Features of the Sunjoy Regency II Soft Top Gazebo

  • Includes mosquito netting
  • Vented double roof
  • Water and fire resistant
  • Coated steel frame
  • Easy assembly

Included Accessories

The Regency comes with everything you’ll need for a beautiful gazebo space. The roof is included, of course, but you’ll also get mosquito netting, plant rings, and corner shelves. The mosquito netting can be installed and tied back when not needed. At night, you’ll be thankful for that netting as you enjoy a bug-free time under the stars.

The plant rings and corner shelves help to give this structure a bit of personality. You can decorate it any way you’d like. In fact, you could change out the items held in the plant rings depending on the event. On the corner shelves, accessories like candles or flowers can change the entire mood of the space.

There’s also a center hook in the top of the structure. This is where you can hang your outdoor fan or lights. You can change the d├ęcor inside your gazebo as often as you like.

Vented Double Roof

When you have a canopy that sits out in the elements, it’ll need to be protected. Rain and high winds are just two of the things that will attack your canopy gazebo. For the high winds, the company has made the canvas with a vented double roof. The stress of high winds won’t rip the canopy. It also won’t become lifted because of wind tunnel gusts. The canopy is 100% water resistant, too.

The canopy is resistant to rain and high winds, but what about those sunny days where the weather is calm? Your new gazebo will still need protection from the elements. The water resistant canopy is made of a material that won’t fade in the sun.

Large Gazebo

The square footage of this gazebo is large enough for providing a suitable amount of space in the backyard. It’s also great for the shade it provides. The footprint of the gazebo is 10 feet by 12 feet. The canopy over the top of the structure measures 11 feet by 13 feet. The height of the canopy at its peak is almost 9 feet. These are important measurements for making sure this gazebo will fit perfectly in your backyard. You’re getting 140 square feet of shade in the Regency II.

Water and Fire Resistant

As mentioned above, the canopy is 100% water resistant. It’s also fire resistant. It’s a polyester fabric that is made to be used in outdoor structures. It’s a brown shade with tan piping that will blend seamlessly into your backyard color scheme. Even if you don’t have a particular color scheme, it’ll still look beautiful.

Powder-Coated Steel Frame

The backbone of the Sunjoy Regency II Soft Top Gazebo is its powder-coated frame made of steel. When you powder coat steel, that means the covering on the steel is more than just paint. The coating is applied like a skin over the steel with heat. It’s meant to protect the steel from rust. It’s much better than paint.

Easy to Assemble

While you’ll need to assemble this gazebo, it doesn’t require tools that you don’t already have in your tool box. You’ll likely want to weigh down the legs, so the entire gazebo doesn’t blow away during a storm. The gazebo comes with everything you need for installation including stakes to keep the legs stable.

It’s also easy to take the canopy off and store it for the winter. You can leave the poles in place and remove the canopy. You might want to remove the entire gazebo for the winter, too. It’s possible to secure this for the winter months, and the legs are durable enough for the cold.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the gazebo weigh?
The Regency weighs 95 pounds when it’s assembled.

What are the shipping dimensions?
The entire gazebo fits into one long box. Make sure everything is in the box before you start assembly.

Can the legs be screwed into a wooden deck?
This is a great idea for people who want a covering for their deck. It’s definitely possible to install this on a deck.

The Sunjoy Regency II Soft Top Gazebo is a great addition to your backyard. It can be placed on a patio or deck. It’s easy to secure this gazebo on a deck. It can also be secured in the grass for your next event. You might even want to move this around. It can be secured in a variety of places in your backyard depending on your needs.

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