Sunjoy Monterey Gazebo Review

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The Sunjoy Monterey Gazebo is a terrific outdoor structure for your backyard. It can be used as an everyday covering for your evening meals. Some people use it near the pool for shade while others enjoy the gazebo for events. You can set up a bar under the gazebo for a wedding or Fourth of July celebration. The canopy is a neutral color, so the decoration you add won’t clash. It’s perfect for any color scheme.

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Features of the Sunjoy Monterey Gazebo

  • Four corner shelves
  • Full mosquito netting
  • Easy assembly
  • Large amount of shade
  • Durable frame

The Sunjoy Group

The company provides some of the best outdoor décor on the market today. They’ve been crafting innovative products since 2002. They’ve become a leader in the home products industry because they attract talented people. Once they have those talented designers and crafters, they ensure that the work environment keeps those employees happy. Happy, talented people are passionate about creating quality products.

Corner Shelves

Each corner of the steel frame has a beautiful, sculpted shelf. It can be left empty to be a part of the lovely lines of the gazebo. It’s more beautiful when you use the shelves to provide light or flowers to the area, though. The curved metal looks fantastic when left alone, but it looks even better when decorated with a scheme that fits your overall backyard design plan. Plants, lights, or fancy décor can decorate the space.

Bug-Free Fun

The gazebo comes with all kinds of features and benefits that go beyond the covering. If you want to enjoy your gazebo through the spring and summer months, you’ll want a space that you can enjoy as the sun goes down.

Unfortunately, bugs can cut down on your enjoyment when it’s warm outside. If you have lights inside your gazebo, the bugs will be even harder to keep out of the space. That’s why the company has included netting for your gazebo.

The netting is tightly woven to keep even small bugs like gnats and mosquitoes out of your outdoor room. Your guests won’t head home early because they’re getting eaten alive by bugs as the sun sets. They’ll stay and enjoy time in your backyard with you and the rest of your family.

Easy to Assemble

There is some assembly required when you receive this box with your gazebo. It’s an easy assembly, though. There will be a 4 posts for each corner of the gazebo. The manual that’s included with the gazebo will help you easily put the gazebo together. It shouldn’t require any special tools besides the ones you’d already find in your toolbox.

Sturdy Frame

The skeletal structure of the gazebo is made of a combination of aluminum and steel. Each piece is powder coated to ensure that it can weather any type of outdoor environment. Most people with soft-top gazebos like this one will remove the canopy for the winter, but leave the frame in place. It’ll save you time and energy when you need to pull down the structure for storms, too.

Powder coating

The powder coating is heated to provide a seal between the metal and the outside elements. Unlike paint, this surface won’t crack or peel. It’s resistant to scratches as well as hardening due to cold or extreme heat. It’s used in outdoor furniture to keep it from being impacted by the blazing hot rays of the sun as well as high winds and heavy rains.

Vented, Durable Canopy

The canopy itself is one of the biggest parts of any gazebo. This is a soft-top gazebo with a canopy that is resistant to water and the UV rays of the sun. It is 100% polyester and easy to clean before you put it away for the winter. It’s vented, so the wind will never gather under the top and blow it away.

Frequently Asked Questions

How large is the gazebo?
The gazebo is 10 feet by 12 feet. That’s enough room for an outdoor couch and a few side chairs. You could even make the gazebo a larger part of your party scheme with a bar under it.

Does the gazebo come with curtains and netting?
The gazebo comes with netting. Any curtains will have to be purchased separately.

What color is the canopy fabric?
The fabric is a light brown or tan as featured in the pictures provided. It won’t fade or rip because it’s made of a durable material.

The Sunjoy Monterey Gazebo is a lovely outdoor gazebo that can be a normal part of your backyard. You’ll use this on a daily basis. Even if you purchase it for a formal event, you can leave it assembled in your backyard for evening dinners outdoors.

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