Sunjoy Madison Pavilion Hex-Shape Soft-Top Gazebo Review

The Sunjoy Madison Pavilion Hex-Shape Soft-Top Gazebo is a fantastic addition to your backyard space. It can function as an extra room added onto your home. Many people don’t enjoy their backyard because it lacks shade. That can be a serious problem in a climate where the sun can be quite brutal. There’s an inviting atmosphere when you have a backyard gazebo that can function as an entertaining and lounging space.

The Madison gazebo is an intriguing shape since it’s not just 4 sided. The hex-shaped pavilion allows for more space under the soft canopy. You’re able to fit lounges, a chaise, a couch, and chairs under this spacious canopy pavilion.

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Pros of the Sunjoy Madison Pavilion Gazebo

  • Chic railing with shelf
  • Durable steel
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Tiered dome
  • Festive entertaining space
  • Stakes for securing to the ground
  • Planter rings attached

Cons of the Madison Pavilion

  • Needs more than one person for assembly

Railing with Shelf

The railing attaches to the legs of the canopy pavilion. The hexagon shape means there are six sides. Four of those sides have railings that will bring a sturdiness to the construction of the pavilion. Some customers have actually removed one or two sides and didn’t see a loss of stability and sturdiness. The 4 railings leave two sides open for guests and family members to enter or exit in either direction.

One of the railings has a shelf where you can place d├ęcor like plants or candles. You could be completely creative and add bar stools outside the pavilion next to the shelf. It’ll add a space for people to drink or place their drinks and food during parties.

Powder-Coated Finish

The legs and railings of the pavilion are made of durable steel. They won’t bend or break easily during normal use or during storms. The powder coating is superior to paint because organic powders are added to the steel’s coating. It’s then cured with heat to provide incredible protection from rain and wind.

Powder coating is more environmentally friendly than paint, too. There are no solvents involved in the process of painting as well as no VOCs in the application of the powder coating. The coating is much thicker than paint, so you don’t have to worry about flaking and chipping in your gazebo pavilion.

Tiered, Vented Dome

The fabric of the dome is stretched to cover the gazebo space. It’s a soft, vented fabric that will stop the sun and rain from invading your backyard relaxation time. The vents will keep the gazebo from blowing away in the wind, too.

While the canopy provides natural cover against the sun, to protect the material, you might want to spray it for added protection. The manufacturer doesn’t mention if the fabric has UV protection. You can also spray it with a water-resistant coating to ensure that water doesn’t soak the fabric and start dripping on the furniture or your guests.

Entertaining Space

The space under the canopy is over 11 feet by over 13 feet. That’s plenty of space for chairs and people to stand in the cool shade of your hexagon pavilion. The amount of chairs and furniture will depend on the size of the furniture, and what you’re trying to place under the gazebo’s covering. It can handle a half a dozen simple chairs or a couch and a few loungers.

The beauty of the gazebo is that you can use it for entertaining, which means decorating the pavilion based on your party theme.

Attach Netting or Sunshade

To fully enclose the pavilion involves attaching bug netting or sunshade. You can put the sunshade on the side that sees the most sun as it sets or rises. This is a personal preference and based on the angle of the sun into your backyard.

The netting is simple to attach to the sides of the legs or to hang from the interior. You might have a problem with the doorways, though. For the doors, you can buy a magnetic screen door that can attach. There are plenty of solutions for a bug situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a fire pit in the gazebo?
It’s not recommended to have a fire pit in the gazebo. The material is a fabric that could melt or catch on fire.

How big are the legs and feet of the pavilion?
The legs are around 2 inches and widen to 3 inches around the feet. The bottoms are round with small holes for anchoring.

The Sunjoy Madison Pavilion Hex-Shape Soft-Top Gazebo is a stunning pavilion that can hold a number of guests. This gazebo makes a great outdoor addition to your space that allows you to enjoy your backyard in all kinds of weather. It can’t handle a load of snow on top of the fabric, but it’s great for rain, wind, and sun.

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