Sunjoy Doubleton Steel Canopy With Cloth Roof Review

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What exactly is a pergola? Sure, wood is a timeless building material, particularly for decks and pergolas. But wood has the tendency to get washed out overtime, and can cause splinters.

What’s more is that a wooden pergola is put together piece by piece, which means it is a permanent installation, and should be put together by a professional.

This can be very costly and time-consuming, as well as restrictive in terms of moving. A permanent wooden pergola is a big investment of time and money if you plan to move a few years down the road.

However, pergolas add a very grand statement to any backyard area, by framing the seating area and providing a focal point.

In addition, pergolas add shade and can be decorated with plants, fabrics, and mosquito netting for additional protection.

There is an option for people on a budget: a steel pergola! Steel pergolas have the durable look of metal, which gives a contemporary feel to any setting.

Sunjoy Doubleton Steel Canopy With Cloth Roof Review

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Today we review the Sunjoy Doubleton steel pergola, which comes in a black frame with square posts, and a cloth roof that can be opened or closed to your preference.

The black steel frame looks gorgeous with the tan cloth roof, and together, these colours create a very bold, contemporary, and strong focal point to your backyard entertaining area.

The square posts can be secured to the ground with stakes or to a wooden deck.

In particular, the black steel looks great with any fence or gate that features some black steel hinges or post caps. It is a very elegant look.

Sunjoy Doubleton Steel Canopy

While we especially love the look of this one, we greatly enjoy the removable canopy in particular. The key to good living is a timeless, versatile design, and this canopy has it.

The cloth can be adjusted to let in or block out as much light as you desire. This makes it very easy to enjoy the pergola day and night.

Set up the canopy for shade during the summer afternoons, and retract it once the sun is set. This will open up the roof so you can view the night sky.

The pergola measures eight by ten feet, which means it easily covers a dining table and chairs. Typically you will see a table and chairs beneath a canopy like this, but the possibilities are endless.

You can set up some lounge chairs for quality stargazing, or a pair of armchairs with a small table for coffee and conversation. Surround the pergola with lots of plants for additional privacy.

Pergolas are widely beloved as they provide aesthetic and practical uses. Pergolas can not only act as a frame for a focal point, but can be placed by an entranceway as the gate to a special path.

They have an undeniable impact on a space, adding height and dimension. They can be placed in an area of transition: for example, between a garden and a deck.

Their presence adds a touch of regality and the sublime. In numerology, the number four is associated with structure, organization, and endurance.

This is because a square has four corners, and there can be no weak points when each side is equal. It is no wonder that people feel immediately more secure surrounded by four posts.

The bonus to the Sunjoy pergola is that it can be used on the deck or in the yard, so you can set it up wherever you choose.

We mentioned setting it up around the dining area because that is a very common and fine choice; but don’t be afraid to get creative!

Numerology describes people with a life path of number four as being stable, reliable friends, who have the stamina to undertake unpleasant tasks.

We don’t hesitate to give the pergola this description: think of it as a reliable friend. Indeed, a structure with four equal sides implies measurement and careful execution.

This can be a nice addition to a yard that features a lot of organic flow, for the sake of balance and pulling everything together.

canopy close up

An area of secure shelter in a corner of the yard will draw curious guests right to it.

Pergolas add a interesting transition space when placed between two differently themed areas, and make a bold statement when used as part of the focal point in any design setting. It tends to make very clear the purpose of any given space, wherever it stands.

Of course, aside from structural and aesthetic points, the pergola will add an area of shade to a yard, which is very important in the summertime.

The four posts enable you to add ivy or any hanging plants to the crossbeams. Too much sun can cause fever, lightheadedness, and sunburn.

As we all know, repeated exposure to sunburn can cause irreversible damage to the skin’s DNA and potentially cause cancer over time.

A shaded pergola will cool the area beneath it by a measure of degrees, and ensure comfort and enjoyment for you and your guests.

The Sunjoy pergola sells for around $560.

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