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Today we review the STC Madrid gazebo, a functional piece that will create a focal point in your yard while sheltering you from sun and rain.

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This particular gazebo measures 10’ by 13’, the size of an average bedroom (or larger). It will cover a good sized patio and allow for significant seating/furniture beneath it, providing over 130 square feet of outdoor living space.

This hardtop gazebo stands 9.5 feet tall. Its roof is composed of twin-wall opaque polycarbonate that is 4 millimetres thick. The frame and posts is constructed of powder-coated, heavy gauge extruded aluminum.

Its metal is black, making for a strong structure. The powder-coating resists corrosion and rust, making for a durable gazebo that will provide style, function and comfort for years to come.

This is a top quality gazebo, an investment in your yard. Go with a cheaper option and you will get cheaper quality that will let you down in a season or two. This gazebo has the strength to withstand sun, rain and wind, and can be used year-round.

That is one of the benefits of having a hard top gazebo as opposed to a soft top gazebo: soft tops use fabric covers that must be taken down and stored for the winter, but will still fade in the sunlight over time, and possibly let rain through.

The polycarbonate roof is fully waterproof and because it is opaque, it will keep you cool in its shade in the summer months. It will change the way you look at outdoor entertaining: you will find that most anything is possible with this gazebo.

You can casually read a book in the afternoon sun or enjoy a romantic dinner in the rain, with some candles on the table. In the summer you will have a comfortable patio area, and luxurious protection in the winter.

The powder coating is a mocha brown colour, for a nice neutral tone to blend in with natural landscaping and décor. The roof offers sun filtration with the same materials used in quality greenhouses.

Gazebos have a nice way of framing a focal point in the yard. Most often homeowners set the gazebo over the patio to protect guests from elements.

This also creates a focal point in the yard, around which you can build landscaping and add other touches. You can enjoy candlelit dinners or simply take a break from the summer sun under this beautiful gazebo.

The addition of overhead cover to any space truly transforms it from uncertain outdoor setting to a desired destination.

The gazebo will require some assembly upon receiving it. The package comes complete with corrosion-free materials, patented connectors, ground stakes and hardware for a complete kit that will have you enjoying your newly assembly striking gazebo in no time.

It is entirely engineered and designed in the USA. You will have it built in less than three hours. To fully anchor it down, you will want to fill the posts with pea gravel. There are three holes at the base of each leg to screw it into place.

Taking the extra time to fill the posts with pea gravel will ensure a very stable structure. The weight helps keep it in place, making it further resistant to wind. You will require the help of one or two people.

We recommend laying all the pieces out, figuring where it all goes, and making sure everything is in place before securing the screws. And of course, using a drill will make the job far easier.

Overall it weighs 165 pounds and comes with a 10-year warranty on the frame. Keep in mind this is just the gazebo and posts; it does not come with privacy screens or mosquito netting.

If you would like to add curtains you can purchase curtain panels with grommets, and attach to the gazebo using zip ties. Some homeowners choose to mount a fan in the centre of this gazebo, but if you choose this option, you should use a very lightweight fan.

In the winter, you will want to remove the snow from the roof before too much accumulates. The polycarbonate roof is sturdy and strong, but snow may become too heavy.

To avoid any sort of damage, remove snow as it piles up. The roof is vented, so no matter what time of year, pressure is lessened beneath the roof. This will stop the wind lifting the gazebo, and therefore creating less resistance and damage from resistance.

We do not recommend putting a firepit under this gazebo. Even though the roof is vented, it is not designed as a smoke chimney, and the polycarbonate panels may not be able to handle the intense heat.

You may want to drape fabric on the sides to block out afternoon sun. The gazebo keeps you cooler than being in direct sunlight.

This square gazebo is shipped in two boxes. The Madrid Gazebo sells for around $1700.

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