Splash n Shade Play Pool Review by H2O2GO!

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Keeping kids entertained in the summertime is easier than when winter, arguably, because you can easily take them outside and find lots of activities. One thing kids always want to do is go to the park, especially a water park. There may not be one near your house, or entrance is expensive. Plus, it can be inconvenient taking them all the way there, because you have to pack all kinds of supplies and think about lunch and changing clothes, etc.

A relatively inexpensive alternative is a pool for your own backyard. It will be at your disposal for any time you feel like using it, and best of all it’ll be right at home. Kids can go in the backyard and you can easily prepare lunch in the kitchen, and their clothes will be right there at home afterward. Plus, at a waterpark, kids can become impatient or have a form of anxiety that requires them to go home suddenly. With this pool you can have all the fun and summer experience with the ease of being at home.

Splash n Shade Play Pool Review by H2O2GO!

Today we review the H20GO! Splash n Shade play pool.  Here’s a picture of the pool so you can get an idea of its dimensions and so forth.  Its a very fun looking pool, and for kids, this thing is pretty epic!

Splash n Shade Play Pool Review by H2O2GO!

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Features – Steel Frame, Polyester Walls, UV Resistant Shade, Water Sprayer

This pool features a steel frame that is durable, so you can feel at ease with your kids bopping around. It is galvanized steel, so it is entirely rustproof and strong. The pool liner itself is constructed from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a highly durable and waterproof material. The walls are a three-ply polyester. You can rest assured knowing your kids are safe in this sturdy pool with attached shade. The pool comes with a DVD for set up instruction. Not only that, but you won’t have to worry about sunburn. This pool includes a UV resistant shade that will protect you and the kids from the harshness of midday sun, when kids like to be outside. The shade is entirely optional, so you can disconnect it if you want to just enjoy the pool in the sun. It comes off very easily and can be set aside. Another cool feature is a water sprayer on the top of the shade, that can keep you and kids cool all day long. The sprayer attaches to your garden hose. Kids will have a blast splashing around all summer long.

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Fun For Kids and Adults Alike!

It’s a good size that allows adults to jump in and have fun with the kids. It is wide across but not too deep. The shade is an awesome feature. This little pool may prove to be your perfect summer refuge from a hot day. It comfortably fits two kids and two adults, for example. We should also mention that you don’t need to have kids to purchase this pool. It’s great for just lounging around and splashing, with the addition of a sun cover. It’s a great place to escape to on those hot summer days when you don’t want to be inside but don’t really want to be outside, either. It’s great for kids because it isn’t too deep. It’s a good option too for anyone who wants a pool but doesn’t have a lot of room.

The bright orange and yellow are very cheerful, with the webbed shade looking like the sun. It will bring joy to the backyard experience. It’s also great if you like to entertain guests with children. They can bring kids and there will be something to do for everyone. Another great feature is that it is not inflatable. Inflatable pools can be a pain in the butt to maintain. They pop easily, and it takes so much work just to fill them and refill as they inevitably deflate in the sun.

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Quick Set Up Time, Pros & Cons

This pool can be set up in about half an hour with one person, not including filling time. Simply follow the DVD instructions to see exactly how to build it. Of course, while it is durable enough to hold water and let kids splash around, it is not meant to be left out during bad storms or winter. If possible, you should position the pool where it is kept protected from the wind, as strong wings may take the shade away! If you place this on a deck or hard surface, as opposed to the grass, you may want to place a few sheets of Styrofoam beneath the pool so it is comfortable to sit in. It would be prudent to purchase a cover for this, to keep out random debris such as leaves or bird droppings. It does not come with a filter but some people opt to buy one separately. It’s always best to use a filter so you know you are sitting in the cleanest water possible. You will also want to purchase chlorine tablets to keep the water sterilized. There is a positive and negative hookup for the two hoses for the filter. This sweet and sunny little pool sells for around $140.

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