Southern Cypress Furniture 5-Foot Handmade Porch Swing with Cupholders Review

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This is a review of the Southern Cypress Furniture 5-Foot Handmade Porch Swing with Cupholders. It’s a heavy duty swing that can be used directly in the backyard. While some swings might function better as a porch swing, this one can be hung directly in the backyard under some trees. All the hardware and construction is geared towards outdoor use.

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Pros of the Southern Cypress Handmade Porch Swing

  • Solid steel nuts and bolts
  • Brass plated screws
  • Contoured back and seat
  • Durable slats
  • Chain and hooks included
  • Cypress wood construction
  • Wide armrests

Cons of the Handmade Porch Swing

  • Poor instructions included

Southern Cypress Handmade Porch Swing: First Impressions

The company has been making wood furniture by hand in the US for almost 15 years. They use the best, knot-free wood for their projects, and they price their products reasonably. Everyone can afford to have a comfortable swing from this manufacturer.

This is an unfinished swing made of cypress. The wood is quality, and the construction is top-notch. We love the fact that it’s handmade since we believe that handmade items made by artisans are constructed with love and attention instead of a machine.

Construction and Materials

The five-foot Cypress porch swing is constructed using Cypress wood and is handcrafted individually in the United States. The chain holes are positioned to ensure that the swing won’t flip when being used. The company created a thoughtful product that touches on points that we’d never expect. They removed the tailbone slat to make the swing extra comfortable.

The nature of Cypress wood makes this swing a good choice for the outdoors. The wood produces cypressene, which is a natural deterrent to insects. It’s also practically immune to decay even if you decide not to finish the wood with a sealant.

This is the type of wood that is used to make telephone poles, pilings, and dock posts. As you can imagine, the wood has to be hearty and durable with the ability to withstand the elements.

Assembly and Tools

While some customers reported that the instructions included in the box were terrible, the manufacturer has included a video link for assembling the swing. We recommend that you watch the video before pulling the swing from its box.

Line everything up on a table or in the backyard along with all the tools you’ll need to assemble it. You’ll definitely need a power drill to make the process a thousand times faster.

Immediately upon opening the box, you’ll assume that there are missing slats because there are holes in the seat and the back of the swing. The slats are actually protecting the edges. They’ll need to be moved and placed in the proper positions.

We have included the video for assembly, so you can see for yourself how easy it is to put together as well as what we mean by slats that appear to be missing. It should only take a few minutes to assemble even if you’re doing it alone. When it comes time to hang the swing, you might need some assistance.

Details We Love

There’s much to love about the Cypress porch swing from the quality wood to durable construction. The hardware was chosen to ensure that the swing will be great for years without a ton of maintenance.

The wood has been known to weather like teak. You can stain or protect the wood to keep it’s natural blonde appearance, or you can allow it to weather to a stunning gray color in the outdoors.

The extra-wide armrests come with cupholders for when you have your next party, too. While the swing doesn’t come with cushions or pillows, you can add them to really jazz up the porch with a style that matches your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the company provide new pieces if any are damaged or defective?
All you have to do is contact the company to speak to their customer service department. They’re determined to have completely satisfied customers.

How much does the swing weigh?
The shipping weight of the swing is 71 pounds.

Is there a weight limit to the swing?
The manufacturer says that it can hold 3 adults easily. There doesn’t seem to be a weight limit, but if you’re concerned, you can purchase chains separately that will work for the weight you need.


The Southern Cypress Furniture 5-Foot Handmade Porch Swing with Cupholders is a fantastic outdoor swing that we recommend for your backyard. You can attach this to a sturdy tree in the yard, hang it from its own stand, or attach it to your porch. You’ll be able to enjoy the peace and relaxation of your yard while providing guests with a fun place to sit when they visit.

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