Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit Review

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Today we review the Solo Stove Bonfire, which is a unique style of fire pit.  It’s made of stainless steel with a patent pending designed airflow system. It was a big hit on Kickstarter because of the airflow system.

This system has a bottom vent that feeds oxygen directly to the fire. With this system, more of the wood is burned, which results in less smoke escaping the fire. Imagine an outdoor fire without all the smoke.

You’ll spend more time enjoying the fire than dodging the smoke, and you’ll avoid that smoke smell on your clothing.

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Pros of the Solo Stove Bonfire

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Patented design
  • Channeled airflow system
  • Low smoke
  • Portable
  • Carrying case

Cons of the Bonfire

  • High sides block view of the fire

Unique Construction

The Solo Stove Bonfire has double walls with a small space between them. The space between the walls allows for cool air to flow in it from the cold air intake at the bottom of the stove.

The air intake channels air to flow between the stainless steel walls, but it also bring oxygen to the underside of the fire to keep it burning more efficiently. The stainless steel is 304 and 430 stainless, which is premium grade.

The cylinder of the stove has double walls that help channel airflow, which we’ll talk more about further into this review.

Those double walls have more than one duty, too. They keep the exterior of the fire stove cooler to the touch than you’d see with other fire stoves.

Stove Funded on Kickstarter

The beauty of Kickstarter is that anyone who has an idea can start a campaign. They’ll know whether the public responds to the idea because the public votes with their dollars. This was a fully-funded concept that has some great features and customers love it.

They responded to the efficiency of the bonfire stove, but also to the stainless steel appearance and how portable it is. It’s a sleek, beautiful design that has unique features not seen in other fire pits or stoves.

Channeled Airflow System

There are levels of burning happening inside the stove. There’s an ash pan on the bottom over the cold air intake. There’s an ash pan next.

The precision base plate is the third level of this stove. It’s where the wood will sit while it’s burning. Above the precision base plate, there’s a secondary combustion ring where pre-heated air is fed into the fire. It’s a burst of pre-heated oxygen that helps the fire burn more efficiently.

Less wood will be used with this stove than would be used in a regular campfire.

Low Smoke in the Solo Stove Bonfire

The efficient burn in the Solo Stove Bonfire means there’s less smoke involved.

One of the worst parts of an outdoor bonfire is the smoke that can cause you to choke and have to move around to find clear air. That’s not a concern with this low-smoke bonfire stove.

The wood burns more efficiently, which means a greater fire and less smoke.

Portable with Carrying Case

Along with being a sleek, beautiful design, it’s also lightweight. The height of the stove is 14 inches while the width is 19.5 inches. It’s a portable design that weighs less than 20 pounds.

The stove comes with a heavy carrying case, too. You can easily pack this to take on vacation if you’re planning on camping.

It can be transferred from your backyard to a friend’s if they don’t have a fire pit. You can literally take it anywhere with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of fuel is used for this fire stove?
This stove doesn’t have gas or propane. You place firewood in the cylinder and light it. Some find that a fire starter helps get the fire going, but it’s not required.

Is this large enough for a group to sit around it at a party?
It emits enough heat to warm more than a few people. The shape of the stove means that any smoke will dissipate upwards, so you won’t have everyone sitting on one side of the fire anymore.

Can I use this under an outdoor structure?
The fire can become very hot, which means that materials above it can catch fire. If you are placing this on a balcony or under a gazebo, make sure there’s enough distance to the roof to avoid a fire hazard.


The Solo Stove Bonfire is an efficient stove that burns without a ton of smoke. Many people don’t like fire pits because a half hour in front of the fire, and you’ll have the smoke smell in your clothes and hair.

That won’t happen with the Solo Stove. It’s a compact fire stove that burns less wood, too. You can bring this stove anywhere with its convenient, heavy-duty carrying case.

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