Sojag Genova Sunshelter Gazebo Review

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Today we review a gazebo by Sojag. This model is the Genova Sunshelter, a high quality aluminum structure that will create focal seating area in your yard and shelter yourself and guests from sunlight in the hot summer months.

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There are several reasons why one might set up a gazebo in one’s backyard. Gazebos are big structures that create a designated seating space and focal point to the yard, around which you may design gardens, and under which you may entertain guests for a relaxing afternoon out of the sunlight.

A great feature of this gazebo, one that sets it apart from others, is that it comes with nylon mosquito netting. The netting ties like curtains at each post, so you can leave them open for a curtain look, or draw the curtains when entertaining. The mosquito netting also cuts wind and sun exposure.

This gazebo provides a shaded space to relax by the pool or a nice gathering place for family and friends. The mosquito netting runs on a two-track system. Privacy curtains are available separately for purchase.

The addition of this gazebo will bring a sense of luxury to your backyard experience. It comes in a natural shade of dark brown, so it will blend well with any existing décor or landscaping you have.

We recommend planting some flowers or plants near all four of the posts for a true statement piece. Not only does it provide shelter from the sun, but it also will keep you dry when raining for those afternoons when you want to sit outside and enjoy the refreshing sound of falling rain.

We recommend bolting it down to a surface, to ensure the wind does not pick it up. Some folks have just set it upon pavers, but depending on your area and general weather conditions, we recommend securing the gazebo into place.

There are three screwholes on each post that you can use to bolt it down. This enables you to secure it over your deck or other designated area.

The Genova sunshelter is a dark brown colour, and measures 10’ by 12’. The roof completely blocks out the sun as it is made of galvanized steel.

The roof is very sturdy and the gazebo can stay outside year-round, through the winter too, but you should always remove snow as it collects upon the roof. If you leave it, snow will accumulate.

It is very heavy and wet, and will cause damage by collapsing the roof (if this happens, replacement parts can be purchased separately). You can use either an outdoor broom or small shovel to gently remove any snow that has built up upon the roof.

This one will take a full day or two to set up, depending on how many people you have helping you. You will definitely need at least two people to build this.

Before building we recommend laying out all pieces and hardware to ensure everything is there.

Then, put the pieces together with loosely screwed hardware, and tighten everything once all pieces are in place and accounted for. It is easy to assemble and the instructions are easy to follow, but it is a rather time-consuming process.

The galvanized steel roof ensures you are fully protected from the sun for those hot summer days when you want to enjoy the fresh air but don’t want a sunburn.

You can set up a chaise longue or sofa under this canopy to enjoy a relaxing afternoon of reading, or set up several chairs and a little table for an outdoor dining area.

Measuring ten by twelve feet like the average bedroom, you can fit eight to ten people comfortably under here.

The roof is hard top so unlike fabric rooves it will not rot or collect mildew. It is very easy to clean. As well, the roof is capped to prevent rain getting in, so there is no ventilation in the roof.

For this reason we recommend you do not set up a fireplace under the gazebo, but save that for somewhere else in the yard.

Besides, firepits should never be so close to patio furniture like lounges or sofas or other furniture with flammable cushions and materials.

We also recommend measuring the posts and distances before digging holes if you decide to set the posts or bolt them down, to ensure exact lineup.

This gazebo weighs just over 300 pounds so you can rest assured of its quality and endurance.

The Sojag hardtop gazebo sells for around $1200 and will provide years of protection from the elements.

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