Sojag Castel Hardtop Bronze Gazebo Review

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These days, more and more people are opting to install hard top gazebos. A gazebo will add much beauty to your backyard, by creating a solid focal point.

They bring joy to the residents by providing structural beauty. They also create an ambience that is private, protected, and offers protection from the sun (and rain, should you choose to stay outside).

Gazebos create an outdoor living room, basically, simply by adding four posts and a roof. They can set up over a deck, dining area, lounging area, or even a hot tub.

The main advantage to having a gazebo is the shade it provides. First we will look at the alternatives to a hardtop gazebo, and then review a hardtop gazebo for you, just to outline how simply wonderful they are.

Hard Top Gazebos

Gazebos, traditionally, are custom-built of wood and even have shingled rooves. However, these custom gazebos are very costly when you factor in the labour and material expenses, so by the time you are done, you will have likely spent around $10 000.

For some families this just is not an option, and that is one of the reasons so many people are favouring a hard top gazebo!

They require minimal assembly with regular tools, and can be built in a day. What’s more is that most of them are composed of aluminum, which is resistant to rust.

A gazebo made of wood would, for example, turn colour over time, or need to be stained on a regular basis to maintain its shine. Hard top gazebos do not require this kind of upkeep, and they are more durable than wood.

In the past years, we have also seen popularity in soft-top gazebos. However, they do not stand up well to rain and snow or other elements.

Not only can moisture eat away and rot things, but rain and snow on a soft top gazebo would only fade its colour and ruin it over time, leaving a very weather and unattractive look.

Eventually the soft top gazebo will break and you will have to shell out more dough to get another!

Hard top gazebos add significant elegance and beauty to the surroundings. When people are surrounded by beautiful things, they tend to be happier, because a beautiful environment will inspire joy and peace.

A hard top gazebo has a polished sheen and looks quite striking.

Soft top gazebos are very handy for camping purposes, or when you’re at the cottage or the beach. A hardtop gazebo is the best choice, in our opinion, for a permanent installation in your yard.

Today we review the Sojag Castel hardtop bronze gazebo.

Sojag Castel Hardtop Bronze Gazebo review

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What the Sojag offers

This particular model is extraordinarily beautiful. It measures twelve by fourteen feet, which is the size of a large bedroom. You will be able to fit a lot of furniture in there, and comfortably seat a good number of people.

Its frame is bronze aluminum, a colour tone that is most complementary next to the greenery of a backyard. Let’s look at some of its structural qualities:

This gazebo’s roof is an eight-millimetre UV-protected polycarbonate, in sleek panels. You do not have to remove this roof during winter, but we recommend (as does the manufacturer) keeping the roof clear of snow.

Of course, any little maintenance you can do along the way will even further prolong the life of your beloved gazebo.

The weight of snow can become very heavy for any structure or roof no matter how much it weighs or how strong it is. In order to protect the structural integrity of your

It comes with wall-to-wall nylon mosquito netting. Most gazebos do not include this netting, making it inconvenient to add it later.

The repelling of mosquitos will greatly improve your outdoor experience and allow you full enjoyment of the gazebo. There are four sliding doors for ease of access, one on each side of the gazebo.

The manufacturer also refers to this model as a solarium, because it features tinted ceiling that lets soft filtered light in, while blocking out the harsh rays.

It creates the perfect atmosphere for dining, or lounging. The headroom of each doorway measures six feet, ten inches, giving the majority of people plenty of headspace.

Some Assembly Required

There will be some assembly required of you, upon receiving the item. To make the process easier, we recommend laying out all parts and accompanying hardware first, to be sure everything is present and in order.

It must be anchored to the ground, whether you have a concrete patio, wooden deck, or are simply placing it on the grass. The anchor screws are not included, because each location requires different hardware.

You can purchase long screws (or whatever you choose to anchor with) separately, according to your needs.

This set will bring great beauty to your yard, and with it, optimal enjoyment of your outdoor experience. It keeps out the biting bugs and shelters from the sun and rain. What more could you ask for?

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