Sojag BBQ Messina Hardtop Gazebo Review

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Today we are reviewing an outdoor kitchen gazebo, a hardtop structure that is designed to withstand the heat of your barbecue.

The Sojag Barbecue Messina hardtop gazebo comes in dark charcoal grey, for a bold frame for your outdoor kitchen, maintaining classic colours and style while appealing to the modern eye.

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A gazebo will add a focal point to the backyard, one that is pleasing to the eye and very inviting to guests. Gazebos also add desired shade on the hot, sunny days of summer, and hardtop gazebos protect from the rain, allowing you to enjoy your backyard even on cloudy days.

This particular gazebo is a special model. Many come with polycarbonate rooves that could not withstand the heat of a barbecue, but the Messina roof is made of galvanized steel, tough stuff that will endure high heat and smoke without causing damage and destruction.

It provides a nicely framed cooking area that protects you from the sun or rain while you barbecue your summer favourites.

Most importantly, it houses your barbecue so it is protected from the elements at all times. It comes in handy especially if you don’t have a garage or shed to store your barbecue in.

Simply cover it in a weatherproof cover for winter and leave it under the gazebo, and come spring you’re good to go!

The frame is a rustproof aluminum frame, while the roof and cupola are of galvanized steel. It has a double roof for crucial ventilation, giving heat and smoke a place to escape.

The venting also allows for greater stability of the structure, giving wind a channel through which to pass, thereby preventing it collecting under the roof and lifting the gazebo or causing strain on the anchors.

The gazebo measures 112” x 71” x 115”, and weighs a hefty 172 pounds. It features two side shelves for storage.

The shelves come in handy while you cook, as you can place freshly prepared foods there, or use to store cooking utensils. The addition of the working area is just another feature setting this hardtop gazebo high above the rest on the market.

The inside measurements, from inside of post to inside of post, is 6’ 6.5”, and between the two counters is 7’ 3”. Keep these measurements in mind to make sure your barbecue will fit.

Its total footprint is six by eight feet (6’x8’). The top canopy dimensions are 6’x8’, maximum entry headroom is 6’8”, and maximum outside height is 8’6”.

This is meant to be a permanent structure. The posts have base mounts with three holes that you can screw or anchor down to a base such as a patio or deck. You should always anchor your gazebo for obvious reasons.

This innovative product offers a galvanized steel roof that will withstand the heat from your grill or barbecue, providing a sheltered space under which to cook.

There is nothing worse than craving barbecue but you open the grill and rain pours all over your food and puts out the coals. Why should you give up your favourite summertime activity?

With a shelter like this you can cook any day no matter the weather. Unlike wood that would become discoloured with smoke and heat over time, this steel will withstand the heat and shelter your cooking equipment.

In addition to its supreme functionality, it adds a bold framework to the area of your yard. This creates a wonderful focal point to accent any area. Gazebos can add pizazz to an otherwise unused area, or in this case, create a grand frame for an area that you frequent.

If you live in an area that receives a lot of snow, simply broom off the excess snow once in a while to avoid it becoming too heavy.

Snow is deceivingly heavy once accumulated, and while this roof is strong and sturdy, it’s best to prevent damage by taking precautionary measures such as removing snow.

Other than that, this is a very low-maintenance structure that is easy to clean. You do not have to remove the roof for winter.

There is some assembly required upon receiving the item. We recommend unwrapping all pieces and hardware and laying them out in place, to make sure everything is present, including necessary hardware.

This will give you a better idea of where each piece belongs, and this will speed up the assembly process itself. Altogether it will take approximately three hours to put together, with two people working on it. It comes with an Allen wrench.

Since 1993, Sojag has developed sun shelters and outdoor furniture. An industry leader, they are passionate about providing products that will transform your outdoor living space and create relaxing atmospheres, using fine quality materials in their avant-garde structures.

With over 20 years experience in the industry, you can depend on the quality and customer service.

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