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Cats. Love ’em, or hate ’em, they are here to stay. And if you are a gardener, unless you live in the middle of the woods, you will probably at some point have to deal with a wandering cat.

You know, the kind that likes to come on over to your place and do his business. In doing so, scratching up your flower beds, digging up the dahlia bulbs, making a huge mess. It’s massively inconvenient, not to say disgusting, to have to deal with cats using the garden as a litter box.

Besides mess and the inconvenience, it’s also dangerous! Cat feces can spread parasites such as roundworm, and tapeworm. The kind of thing you don’t want in the soil, and on your fresh carrots!

Cat poops can also carry a micro-organism called Toxoplasma gondii, which causes toxoplasmosis in people—not usually a problem, except for an unborn child who, if infected, may have serious birth defects as a result.

Which is the reason pregnant women are advised to let someone else clean the litter box.

There is also the danger of E. coli being passed through cat feces. Avoiding the litter box is one thing, but what if the cat decides the litter box is your garden soil?

Maybe you’ve tried various solutions. We have covered those in articles before, such as in our article about stopping cats from killing the birds in your yard.

So if you one of those who says “I’ve tried it all. I give up. The cats have won!” keep on reading. There might be one last thing you could try, and I believe you will have success in keeping the pesky cats out of your garden.

It’s a nice little solution that is easy to apply and it really works.

It’s called Silent Roar. It will scare the poopies out of the straying cat, BEFORE they get to make the deposit in your yard! Now this is something you will have to purchase. It’s not something you can make at home, unless you work at the zoo or have an illegal pet.

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That’s because it is made of Lion’s poop. Yes, that’s right.

Cats are very territorial, and you can’t change that—they are made that way. Which is why your front door is getting sprayed by a roving tom. Your door is one of his sign posts alerting other cats to “keep out.” Cats read scent like we read a billboard.

The only way to keep your garden a cat-free zone is to stop them before they get in. It’s the equivalent of the Berlin Wall to a cat.

A cat will detect the scent way before he even sets a paw on your property and quickly abort the mission. Because he knows, inherently, that this dude is more than he can handle.

He doesn’t know you went and bought lion poop and sprinkled it around! He doesn’t need to SEE to believe. He can smell. That’s enough! His nose is keener than his eyes in this case, and he is going to read that message very well.

Nothing shouts Keep Out! to a pesky, roaming cat like the scent of a larger, MUCH larger feline. The King of Beasts.

The beauty of this solution is that it’s so simple to use. You just sprinkle it at strategic places along your borders, and it helps to fertilize your plants as well.  Other advantages are that it’s non-toxic, and comes in convenient pellet form.

All in all, it helps to assess the situation beforehand, and choose strategic spots, especially where the cats are entering. Along the fences or hedges and paths.

The Silent Roar will eventually need to be re-sprinkled, but not to worry. It isn’t expensive compared to dynamite! And much less dangerous. Full instructions are included with the product. It’s one of those strange ideas that actually works!

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