Sheridan Outdoor Wicker Sectional Review

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The Sheridan Outdoor Wicker Sectional is a 10-piece sectional with the ability to be turned into any combination you desire in your backyard.

You might need a sectional to be configured in the traditional L shape with side chairs, or you may need to split the pieces into a combination with a sofa and love seat as well as chairs.

This versatility means that you can purchase this sectional without worrying that you’ll move and need to purchase another set to fit the space. This can work in any outdoor area.

Pros of the Sheridan Outdoor Wicker Sectional

  • Versatile combo set
  • Sofa/loveseat and chairs
  • Quality wicker
  • Iron frame
  • Water-resistant cushions

Cons of the Sectional

  • Heavy shipping weight – You’ll need help carrying it to the backyard

First Impressions of the Wicker Sectional

The Sheridan Outdoor Wicker Sectional is a fantastic patio set for the backyard. With all the pieces included in the 10-piece selection, you’ll be able to configure a shape that fits within the area needed.

It also gives you the option to change the layout of the furniture later without having to purchase more pieces. That kind of adaptability is valuable when you’re having parties and barbecues with family and friends in your backyard.

The set is incredibly comfortable, too. It doesn’t come with extra pillows and accessories, but that means you can add as many comfortable accessory pillows as you like to the set.

Changing your outdoor color scheme and décor is simple and only requires fabric changes. The cushions that come with the set are water resistant and zippered, so you can leave them outdoors and still clean them if that becomes necessary.

Construction and Materials

Usually when you read about wicker furniture, you’re picturing that brown weaved material that creaks or rustles when you sit on it.

While it’s lovely furniture, it’s not the most stable or sturdy furniture you can use in the backyard. This furniture is much different.

The wicker is made from a polyethylene that will withstand a ton of abuse. Especially when the furniture’s base is made of such strong materials, too.

The base of every piece of furniture is an iron that can’t easily be broken or become warped. The problem with iron is that over time, the weather can cause the iron to rust and break.

That won’t happen with this material since it’s covered by such a strong material like the wicker.

Measurements and Pieces of the Sectional

There are so many pieces in this sectional. You’ll almost be overwhelmed by the amount that you receive.

There are 4 armless chairs included in this set. One corner chair, a coffee table, two club chairs, and a right and left armchair are also in this 10-piece sectional.

Armless chairs are all 30.50 inches in depth by 26.50 inches in width and 26 inches in height.
The corner chair is 30.50 inches deep by 30.50 inches wide by 26.25 inches high.
The right and left arm chair are 30.25 inches deep by 35 inches wide by 26 inches high.
The club chairs are 30 inches deep by 43.60 inches wide by 26 inches high.

Details We Adore

Obviously, our favorite features of this sectional revolve around the fact that you can take them apart and configure them for your space.

This kind of customization is fantastic for changing the look and feel of your backyard. It’s also great for creating a new space every few months without buying new furniture. All you have to do is buy new pillows and move the pieces around.

We also love that the pieces are wide and deep. Everyone can enjoy sitting around eating together or watch an outdoor movie without anyone having to sit on the ground.

The sectional manufacturer didn’t put a seating limit on the sectional, and we believe there’s no weight limit to any of this kind of furniture. Snuggled together, you could easily fit 10 people on this sectional and one or two in the club chairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What colors are available?

The base of the sectional is made in either dark brown or beige while the cushions are available in gray or white.

How much does the sectional weigh?

The shipping weight of this sectional is 230 pounds. This can have an impact on the shipping costs as well as who will help you move it to the backyard and set it up.

Is there glass included for the table?

Glass isn’t included by the manufacturer. It’s a wedge shape table that is very cute, but you’ll have to get glass made special if you want to cover the top. It’s not needed, though. The table top is flat enough for drinks and plates.

The Sheridan Outdoor Wicked Sectional has almost a dozen pieces of furniture in the set as well as outdoor cushions that can be easily washed. All you have to do is add your own colors with pillows and fabric to create a stunning outdoor living space.

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