Shade & Beyond Sun Rectangle Shade Sail 10×13’ Review

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There is nothing nicer than relaxing on the patio in the summer sun, whether you’re entertaining friends with a barbecue, enjoying romantic cocktails for two or lounging alone in a hammock.

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Sunshine is full of good vitamins for us, including vitamin D, which is crucial to our absorption of iron. Specifically, vitamin D3, known as the happy chemical. Some of us take supplements in the winter when we miss that dear sunshine!

But no matter how much you love sitting in the sun, you should take precaution not to expose yourself too much. There is such thing as good balance, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your outdoor time. Vitamin D3 is good, but too much sun can burn our skin and cause deformation of the cell growth, which then turns to what we call cancer.

With tanning beds more popular than ever, along with global warming and a thinning veil between us and the sun, we have to be very careful with exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to block your skin is with a physical barrier. This physical barrier can be in the way of big hats, sunglasses and clothing, but for some of us that just doesn’t work because we like the feeling of the warm sun right on our skin.

You don’t have to sacrifice that good feeling, nor do you have to sacrifice your outdoor time because the sun is too hot to handle.

An outdoor canopy is a great way to block harmful UV rays while letting you enjoy your outdoor time.

Today we review the Shade & Beyond rectangular sail shade, a quick and convenient way to bring shade to your patio and outdoor space.

The best thing about this shade is that it’s lightweight, cheap and highly effective. Because it’s essentially a canopy of fabric, it is very portable and you can move it around as much as you like. This is a great advantage compared to, say, a large and cumbersome umbrella.

It’s also great for those of us living in apartments with balconies, where we have just a small area but desire a sweet patio set up.

This shade is sand coloured, meaning it is neutral and will match any décor without attracting the sun.

It features breathable material to allow cooling breezes and light to pass through, making for an airy and comfortable space.

Please note it is not waterproof. It allows water through. This means no pooling water, but it also means you can’t use it as an umbrella.

It is low maintenance, but you will want to clean it once in a while. Instructions are included with the canopy, but you just need to clean it with mild detergent and water. Don’t scrub with a stiff brush, and don’t put it in the washer or dryer.

It will hold up for five years. the warranty states it will hold up to five years of normal use and weather. You will want to put it away before winter or any extreme weather conditions (like a thunderstorm) to add to its longevity. Its 5 year lifetime is guaranteed against UV degradation.

The shade cloth can shrink so it needs tolerance for 6 inches on either side.

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This highly versatile patio canopy can be used over a patio, lawn, garden, pool, pond, deck, courtyard, carport, sandbox, driveway or any other outdoor space, providing 80-85% sunshade and protecting you up to 95-98% UV rays.

It’s especially handy to hang a canopy over your barbecue area. It can get very hot in front of the old barbie, plus it’s not fun to have blinding 5pm midsummer blaring down on your while you’re trying to work.

Make sure the heat can escape.

Other ideas include day care or child care centres, community centres, outdoor picnics, parks or shopping centres. Feel free to place it anywhere you require shade!

It comes with D rings on the sides, which you can attach using rope or twine or even cable ties. This rope is not included, so you will have to find something around your house. Just make sure it’s secure! It looks very nice tied between trees for a sweet little picnic spot.

It is made from 185 gsm high quality sun shade fabric. It is very lightweight, weighing 4.25 pounds.

The manufacturer recommends suspending one end slightly higher than the other in order to allow for easier water runoff. It also proves to be more aesthetically pleasing.

Do you have a side of the house or specific room that gets especially hot in the summer? Try hanging this canopy outside that wall to stop the sun hitting the house. You are guaranteed to notice a big difference in internal temperature.

It’s little things like this that make it so nice for those of us without air conditioning or a big gazebo.

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