Santorini II 10-Ft Square Cantilever Umbrella Review

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The Santorini II 10-Ft Square Cantilever Umbrella is an outdoor umbrella with incredible square footage. It has a valance that adds a bit of elegance and class to your outdoor space, too.

It has a variety of angles and can tilt as you want to shade against the moving sun. No need to move your chair or go inside when the sun changes. Simply alter the angle of this umbrella.

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Features of the Santorini II 10-Ft Square Cantilever Umbrella

  • Large square footage
  • 8-rib canopy
  • Sunbrella fabric
  • Easy-open crank
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Powder-coated pole
  • 225-lb sand base included
  • Free umbrella cover

Large Square Footage

The umbrella is 10 feet wide at the canopy. This provides generous shade for your next gathering. While sitting out in the sun can be relaxing, there are times when you want shade while you enjoy the outdoors.

This umbrella has 100 square feet of shade for you and your guests. You could fit more than a chair under the canopy to share in the shade. Groups can enjoy the shade this canopy provides.

Sunbrella Fabric

The Sunbrella name means a lot in the world of umbrellas and sun shades. It’s a product made in the USA – specifically a plant in South Carolina that services needs in the US.

The Sunbrella fabric of this Santorini umbrella is made with fibers that resist the fading impact of the UV rays of the sun. It’s resistant to mold and mildew, which can be a serious problem when you’re leaving fabrics outside throughout the season.

When it needs to be cleaned, it’s a simple matter of using a bit of bleach and water. The color will never fade from bleach, either.

The fabric will protect itself from the damaging rays of the sun, but also, provides users with protection from UV, too. In fact, the Sunbrella fabric is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation to prevent skin damage.

Easy-Open Crank

The crank is easy to use on this umbrella. It’s a smooth operation that doesn’t take a lot of hand strength. You won’t struggle with opening and closing the umbrella quickly.

It’s tempting to leave the umbrella open when it’s hard to crank. That leaves your canopy in the sun and wind all the time, which can lead to problems in the future. That won’t be a problem with this umbrella since it’s easy to setup as well as store.

Powder-Coated Pole & 8-Rib Canopy

The aluminum of this umbrella’s pole is lightweight while being sturdy. It’s further stabilized and strengthened with an anodized powder coating. The pole is a beautiful bronze color that looks great with the canopy color.

The pole is 2 inches in diameter. It’s large enough to keep the wide umbrella very stable. The 8 ribs of the canopy are made with the same material as the pole.

225-Lb Sand Base Included

While most umbrellas don’t come with a base, this one does. With the amount of canopy provided by this umbrella, you’ll need a very stable base that can hold the umbrella steady in any type of wind.

The base can be filled with sand to provide 225 pounds of weight to the umbrella. With that much weight, it would be almost impossible for wind to topple the umbrella.

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Free Umbrella Cover

You don’t have to put the umbrella away during the off-season if you have an umbrella cover. That’s included with this Santorini II 10-Ft Square Cantilever Umbrella. Simply crank the canopy closed and place the cover over the entire top of the umbrella. It’ll keep throughout the winter.

Umbrella Tilt

With a 10-foot canopy, you need a very strong support system for the umbrella to tilt. This is one of the best parts of this umbrella. It can tilt as you need it while being offset from the pole itself.

This configuration gives you so many options for shade. You can leave the canopy straight overhead. It can be tilted at many different angles and degrees depending on the angle of the sun. It’s truly customizable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the umbrella weigh?
The umbrella weighs approximately 85 pounds. That’s a hefty weight that makes it a substantial umbrella for your backyard. It’s a bit heavy when it comes to construction, though. You might need some help with assembly.

Are there other colors available?
There are 3 colors available. The Terra Cotta Acylic is an orange shade. There’s Stone and Beige available, too. All of them come with a bronze structure that matches beautifully.

Is there any warranty for the umbrella?
The canopy and the structure have separate warranties. The canopy has a 5 year warranty through Sunbrella. The pole and structure have a 3 year warranty.

Final Thoughts

This lovely umbrella is offset to provide coverage without blocking your sightline from guests. Multiple chairs and lounges can sit beneath this canopy and get the shade needed.

The Santorini II 10-Ft Square Cantilever Umbrella is made from quality materials. It has a huge canopy, includes a cover for storage, and comes with its own stand for stability.

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