Santa Cruz Outdoor 7-piece Grey Wicker Sofa Set Review

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Today we review a sectional sofa set by Santa Cruz. This set includes 7 pieces in grey wicker with white cushions. Cool neutral tones are all over interior and exterior design lately. This set has a gorgeous modern look with sleek, low profile and a neutral colour scheme to match any existing décor or landscaping.

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The set includes two end chairs, two armless chairs, one corner chair, one table and one club chair. The material, as mentioned, is wicker: however, this is resin wicker. Natural wicker looks great and makes nice patio furniture. It has been long loved as the chosen choice for patio furniture, since its weave allows for airflow to keep the guests cool.

We have found that over time, wicker becomes very brittle and is prone to splitting, cracking and causing splinters. Resin wicker, made from polyurethane, is woven in the same way, but ends up being far more durable over time. You can still enjoy airflow in your furniture that won’t make you sweat, but you will not suffer splinters or have to worry about the wicker becoming brittle. It won’t happen!

The wicker is woven around a powder-coated iron frame. Powder-coated strengthens the resistance against rust. The cushions are made of water-resistant polyester fabric. The maximum weight per chair is 300 pounds.

If you don’t trust yourself with construction, have no fear! This set is pre-built, so there is no assembly required upon receiving the item. The frames are pre-welded, meaning you can simply unpack and enjoy your new outdoor living space right out of the box.

Simply remove the pieces from the box, set them out in your desired arrangement, and clip the sectional fasteners together. Then you can arrange the cushions accordingly. This may sound daunting, given you will be moving pieces of furniture. Have no fear: another benefit to wicker furniture is its weight.

Wicker is incredibly lightweight, so it will be easy to unpack and set up the furniture set. This will also make it very easy to change up the layout whenever you so feel the need.

The addition of this particular patio set really brings comfort and sophistication to outdoor spaces. The design is very modern and allows for reconfiguration according to your layout or preference. The table is triangular, so it fits in nicely with the L-shape sofa. Or, you can pull the sofas apart so everyone gets their own little space.

You will have so much fun entertaining guests with this patio set. It will be the pride and joy of your backyard, and it will be a blast to show off. Not to mention it provides superior comfort, allowing you to relax in luxury like never before. The chairs have low arm rests that are pretty well level with the seat cushions, allowing for ergonomic seating.

Additionally, the back rests are angled just enough to allow you to sit back comfortably and relax. The set includes clips that hold the seats together.

The dimensions are as follows:

End chair piece: 30.5” depth by 35” width by 26” height
Armless chair: 30.5” depth by 26.5” width by 26” height
Corner chair: 30.5” depth by 30.5” width by 26” height
Club chair: 30.5” depth by 43.75 width by 26” height
Seat: 15.5” height
Table: 30.5” depth by 30.5” width by 11.5” height

The table does not have a glass top: it has the same wicker weave as the rest of it.

As mentioned, the cushions are water resistant. This means they will stand up to dew and humid conditions, but they are not waterproof. It is best to bring the cushions indoors when you see rain in the forecast, as they can take a long time to dry. Imagine enjoying a rainbow on your new patio furniture.

If you bring the cushions inside, you will be able to use them immediately following the rain. The covers have zippers for easy removal and washing. Simply unzip and throw them in the washing machine on a gentle cycle with cold water. Do not put them through the dryer.

The seat cushions are about 4” thick. The set sits a bit lower than your average indoor sofa, but the set is very comfortable and enjoyable to use. You may be surprised when you pull it out of the box, as it sits lower, but you will find it is incredibly comfortable. You will be able to entertain guests and family in a cozy setting with quality cushions. You can even fall asleep on this ultra comfortable set.

For seven pieces of furniture, including two end chairs, two armless chairs, one corner chair, one table and one club chair, the Santa Cruz grey wicker patio set sells for around $1250.

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