We Review The Top 5 Best Rot-Resistant Wooden Backyard Swing Sets

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You know when you walk by a beautiful property with manicured lawn and updated window trim, but the backyard swing is all damp, covered in moss, and left to die in the corner by the Queen Anne’s lace? There’s no need for that. There are many rot-resistant woods available that can be made into the ultimate adult party feature: a backyard swing!


A swing is always the most inviting part of a yard. It beckons with open arms, “Come to me and I will hold you.” It provides a peaceful spot to relax and a rustic feel to the yard. Backyard swings bring the fun. Fit one person on there, fit four people on there, kids, adults, and the family dog. Everyone loves a swing! Its easy rocking motion can soothe the soul.

backyard swing

A backyard swing is a nice spot to retire to after dinner, where you can sit comfortably and read, or engage in conversation. It will entertain the kids when you have guests. If guests bring their babies they can rock them on the swing.

While individual patio chairs and table can be easily carried and stored in shelter, a backyard swing is a cumbersome piece of equipment that will likely stay outside from spring to fall, enduring rain and wind and UV rays all the while. For this reason, it is important to select a swing made of rot-resistant wood so that you don’t have to worry about your swing becoming a safety hazard or costing you hundreds of dollars after a single year’s use.

Here are 5 of the best rot resistant backyard swing sets that we are currently in love with and we think you will be smitten by as well! 🙂

Cypress Lumber Rollback Swing with Cupholder


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This swing is made from rot-resistant cypress, a wood that barely shrinks and swells. Cypress, known for its sturdiness, can stand against harsh weather without any finish. It produces a chemical called cypressine, which resists insects and decay. The slats measure one inch thick, and 1 ¾ inches wide, and come fully sanded. They are arranged in an ergonomic contour for maximum comfort and support.

The only assembly required involves securing the arms, and connecting the back, seat, and arms. Like the backseat of a car, this swing has a flip-down cupholder in the middle, so you can hang out and enjoy a drink in the open air. This swing can be left unfinished, and will turn to a light, neutral grey over time. Its straight grain will bring a handsome focal point to your yard. Sells for around $500.

All Things Cedar Swing

all things cedar swing review

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Constructed from Western Red Cedar, this ergonomic swing will naturally resist rot and insects. Cedar is a lightweight wood that produces a natural resin with a strong, spicy aroma that repels insects, such as mosquitoes.

This swing comes with clean-cut slats and rust-resistant hardware, and a 26” chain so you can customize the height of your swing. Cedar is a popular choice for its pleasant aroma and beautiful varying tones. When sealed, it can retain these qualities for years. This swing sells for around $300.

Diamond-back Cypress Yard Swing

diamond back cypress yard swing

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This cypress swing boasts a beautiful light tone with diamond cutouts in the backrest. Cypress, known as The Eternal Wood, is resistant to rot as its naturally occurring oils repel moisture. The slats are one inch-thick and 1 ¾ inches wide, making the swing extremely durable, and have been sanded to a smooth finish on all sides. They come screwed to the frame: the only assembly required is to connect the back and arms. The wood comes raw but can be finished or left unfinished depending upon your backyard aesthetic. The frame features four support braces across the back and four across the bottom so you can entertain your guests or read by yourself forever and ever. Sells for around $500.

Belham Living Bay Ridge Porch Swing

Belham Living Bay Ridge Porch Swing review

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This swing is made of red shorea, which gives the look of teak for a smaller cost! This hardwood swing comes with its own stand, and is pre-stained and finished to ensure maximum protection against the elements. Shorea is a very dense wood with naturally occurring oils that resist moisture and decay, making it a great choice for outdoor furniture. The warm red tones of the kiln-dried wood provide a gorgeous accent piece for your patio. Add a few throw pillows and it will be ideal for watching the sunset after dinner. This swing sells for around $350.

Outdoor Poly Four Foot Porch Glider

Outdoor Poly Four Foot Porch Glider review

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We’ve included a glider in our list, because some people prefer a calmer, more controlled ride. Gliders stay in place and only move within inches of their station, making it easier to anticipate the needed amount of room.

Gliders are better than swings for people with sensitivity to motion sickness, as they only move back and forth, rather than up and down. This model is made of poly lumber, constructed for durability and strength. It will not rot or rust, and requires no maintenance. Sells for around $650.

Swing, Mister Charlie!

Swings are a great addition to a backyard or porch, as they provide a welcoming sit spot to welcome the day, declutter the afternoon, or find peace before bedtime. They are safe for people of all ages, including children. Their motion brings a soothing, casual feel to any yard party, inviting people to stay and feel at home.

adult lawn swing

It is up to you to decide where your swing stands: you may be able to suspend it from a porch beam, or you may have to purchase a frame from which to hang it, if you want it to stand in open space. No matter where you place your swing, you will find relaxing enjoyment in this sweet backyard ride.

Innate rot resistance is always a plus, however, if your backyard swings (or any other accessories for that matter) are not made of any naturally rot resistant wood, you can still brave the elements. All you need to do is employ a few quick techniques from our article on how to prevent wood rot. As well, a thing to definitely keep in mind for future purchases or diy endeavours are the best types of naturally bug and rot resistant wood for patio furniture.

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