We Review the Best Wooden Swing Sets for Your Backyard

The best wooden swing sets are ones that fit within a certain criteria. They’re constructed using quality wood that has natural properties to protect it from the elements. Some wood is stronger, more durable, and able to withstand harsh winds and pelting rain.

The wood chosen for these swings emits chemicals that will thwart insects from burrowing in and eating the wood, which can have a terrible impact on the integrity of the swing’s structure. Wood swing sets on this list have natural wood with all of these features.

Lakeland Mills Country Porch Swing

This rustic swing looks great when it’s unfinished. It’s crafted from white cedar logs that are known for their structure and beauty. The slats are routered and contoured to make the edges smooth. There’s nothing worse than sitting on a porch swing in the summer and having it cut into the back of your bare thighs. There’s no worry about splinters or edges on this swing.

Features We Adore

  • Easy to assemble
  • Contoured slats
  • White cedar logs

Whether you keep this swing unfinished or create your own look with paint or stain, this is a swing that will fit beautifully in your backyard if you have a rustic style home. It can be hung from a variety of locations. It’ll fit in a swing frame, from the inside ceiling of a gazebo, or on the back porch.

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Belham Living Classically Curved Porch Swing

The curved slats of wood on the back of this swing are one of our favorite details on all these swings. It gives the simple piece of furniture some pizzazz. This swing features dark stain and little details that make this piece unique. It’s slim profile means that it can be placed in the smallest places. If you have a small back porch, this swing is ideal in a spot where you might have thought you couldn’t enjoy a lovely swing.

Features We Adore

  • Back design
  • Slim profile
  • Eucalyptus wood
  • Seats 2 people

The wood porch swing is constructed using eucalyptus wood, which gives teak a run for its money. The wood thrives in the outdoors where it’ll weather beautifully. It’s less expensive than teak while being more durable, too.

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Porchgate Heavy-Duty 800 Lb Rollback Console Porch Swing

While some wood porch swings have cupholders in the arms, most don’t have any of these amenities at all. For this porch swing, you get an entire console in the middle for hold drinks as well as food. That’s one less set of tables and chairs you’ll need for your next event.

Features We Adore

  • Console for drinks
  • Amish craftsmanship
  • Routered slats
  • Rollback design

The weight limit of this swing means that when you swing that console up into the back of the swing, you get more space for an extra person to fit comfortable. You won’t have to worry about the weight of each person enjoying your backyard swing.

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Southern Cypress Furniture 5-Foot Handmade Porch Swing

When we talk about rollback design as in the previous swing, we’re talking about how the edges roll slightly to ensure that people sitting are not creating pressure points on their body with sharp edges. This is a feature of this swing, too. It has routered slats and rolled edges, which make the swing way more comfortable. You won’t even need a cushion for it.

Features We Adore

  • Rollback design
  • Routered slats
  • Cupholders built-in
  • Southern cypress

Cypress is one of those woods that seems to be created specifically for outdoor furniture use. It creates chemicals naturally that repels insects. Without stain, this wood will stay attractive out in the elements. To be safe though, it’s always best to give it a protective coating.

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Belham Living Classic Eucalyptus Outdoor Porch Swing

This is another back that we find fundamentally beautiful. It’s unlike the others and really makes us imagine island breezes and drinks with umbrellas. You don’t want to cover this back with any pillows or cushions, but you could, and it would still be stunning.

Features We Adore

  • Arched back design
  • Curved armrests
  • Eucalyptus wood
  • Natural finish

An outdoor wood porch swing can be placed on the porch, but it can also be hung from other structures like a swing frame, outdoor gazebo, or sturdy tree limb. The cushion included is made for outdoor use, so make sure you buy pillows and other elements that can be used outdoors in all weather conditions.

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These are our favorite wooden swing sets for your backyard. There are a variety of styles as well as wood choices that will fit within your home’s style.


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