We Review the Best Swing Beds for Pure Relaxation

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We picked some of our favorite swing beds for this list. These are porch swings that are large enough to be beds. They’re wide and long, which makes them perfect for naps with the sun on your face and a cool breeze blowing through your hair.

If you’ve never taken a nap in the sunshine, you have no idea the kind of soothing relaxation it can offer. These are all beds that are easy to assemble and hang on your back porch or in your outdoor gazebo area.

Low Country “Daniel Island” Porch Swing Bed

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This porch swing is crafted using quality cedar wood that can handle being out in the elements. While your swing won’t be sitting outside without a covering, it’ll need to be a good, quality wood to avoid insects, moisture, and mildew. You don’t want it to start rotting in a few years. That won’t happen with this porch swing bed.

Features We Love

  • Large weight capacity
  • Cedar construction
  • Fits a thick mattress

We love that this swing comes with sturdy rope that gives this a unique rustic look that will fit the look of some homes. You can choose to keep this sturdy rope or change it for a strong chain. It will depend on the weight of the people who will use the swing. You want it to be sturdy for more than one person.

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Aspen Tree Interiors Hanging Fanback Porch Swing

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This is a porch swing that could double as a day bed. It’s constructed with knot-free pine, which has been treated to keep away bugs, rot, and moisture. It’s constructed in the US by Amish artisans who take care in all the products they produce.

Features We Love

  • Amish-made
  • Pine construction
  • Durable swing
  • Hanging hardware included

This porch swing includes all the pieces you’ll need to put it together and hang it on your porch including chains and hardware for hanging. The swing weighs 250 pounds all by itself because of the sturdy, solid construction, so you’ll likely need help carrying it to the porch and assembling it.

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Cypress Porch Swing Bed

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This rollback swing is crafted from natural wood that can stand up to the elements. Cypress wood creates a natural chemical called Cypressine that will repel insects that could wreak havoc on the wood and cause decay.

This swing bed doesn’t come with its own mattress or pillows, but that means you can choose the right mattress and pillow for your design style. It takes a traditional twin mattress size, so you might even have an extra one in the attic or basement.

Features We Love

  • Handcrafted
  • 600-pound weight limit
  • 6-feet long
  • Rot-resistant wood

This is an easy-to-assemble piece of furniture that requires you to have a drill and an extra set of hands. It comes with all the materials you’ll need to attach it to the ceiling, too.

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Aspen Tree Interiors 6′ Classic Lutyens Porch Swing Day Bed

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This is another bed that was constructed in the Amish community. It’s a unique looking day bed swing with a lovely arch on the back of the seat. It comes in a few colors, too, so you can choose the right one for your porch, or get an unfinished one to create your own design style.

Features We Love

  • Amish-made
  • US construction
  • Hardware included
  • Variety of colors

This swing bed doesn’t come with a cushion or pillows. We believe this is an advantage because you’re able to create your own style with a mattress and pillows that match the porch, backyard, or home. While some manufacturers might include a thin piece of foam, this company allows you to choose the right mattress and pillows on your own.

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Outdoor 6′ Royal English Garden Swing Bed

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This swing bed has a wide seat for a beautiful, squishy mattress of your own choosing. You can pick an outdoor mattress or cushion set that will be comfortable to you. There are a variety of colors you can choose when making your purchase. It might make sense to buy an unfinished swing and stain or paint it yourself.

Features We Love

  • Chain included
  • Natural pine
  • Crafted in the US
  • Wide and long
  • Handcrafted quality

This swing will look fantastic on the back porch or inside a gazebo structure. If you’ve always wanted to enjoy a snooze on the back porch in the summer, this is the perfect swing for just such a scenario. Your guests will love it, too.

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We absolutely adore these swing beds for ultimate relaxation. You’ll be able to spend a lazy afternoon taking a light nap while the kids play in the backyard. If you invite guests over regularly, you can enjoy a glass of wine on the back porch with them.

These swing beds are durable and incredibly comfortable, which makes them great for all kinds of situations where you want to relax or spend time with friends and loved ones.


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