We Review The Best Round Fire Pit Covers

We’ve reviewed many fire pits, and we all know how fun a backyard fire pit can be. However, to ensure the longevity of our fire pits, we must protect them and care for them. This includes regular cleaning and removal of ash, as well as using a cover when the fire pit is not in use. A cover will prevent rainfall accumulation, or other precipitation, and will prevent debris from entering the fire pit. This in turn will make it easier to clean, and help lend to a cleaner burning fire. Covers are absolutely essential to maintaining the structural integrity of your fire pit by protecting from the elements and minimizing damage from rain, etc. Today we review the best round fire pit covers to make it easy for you to choose from some of the top covers on the market.

#1 – Sunnydaze Round Black Fire Pit Cover, 36 inch diameter

Sunnydaze round black fire pit cover, 36 inch diameter

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Like the title suggests, this cover measures 36 inches in diameter, and 12 inches high, so it can be used on a fairly wide variety of fire pits. It is rare to find a fire pit larger than 36 inches in diameter. It is waterproof and weather resistant, and comes with drawstring and toggle fit so you can seal that baby right up. It is made of heavy-duty reinforced polyvinylchloride (PVC) and will not crack in cold or wet weather. Sunnydaze backs its products with a one-year warranty. It comes in a nice and neutral black. This one sells for $34.

#2 – Classic Accessories Veranda Large Round Fire Pit Cover

classic Accessories Veranda Large Round Fire Pit Cover

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This cover has interior-bound seams for strength, padded handles for comfort, and high-density stitching. This is a high quality cover that comes in beige with camel sides. It is so large it can fit fire pits up to 60 inches (that’s five feet) in diameter. It has a water resistant fabric top, protective waterproof backing, and protective guard skirt. It closes by elastic with toggle cord for custom fit. This cover is backed by a three year warranty and sells for $33.

#3 – Landmann USA Big Sky Fire Pit Cover

Landmann USA Big Sky Fire Pit cover

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This fire pit cover measures 30” in diameter. It is water resistant and elasticised for a tight fit. It comes in black, made of heavy duty material that is guaranteed to protect your fire pit and increase its longevity. This one goes on quickly and securely and sells for around $25.

#4 – Duck Covers Elite Fire Pit Cover

Duck Covers Elite Fire Pit Cover

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This fire pit cover comes in a breathable, UV-treated material that is 100% waterproof. The slogan is “like water off a duck’s back,” as it is guarantee to repel moisture and protect your fire pit. The material is lightweight and easy to fold when you’re not using it. There are two-inch Velcro straps for tightening to custom fit your fire pit. The multiple layers of fabric are designed to maximize airflow under the cover, preventing condensation, which is a major cause of rust. It comes in a mocha cappuccino cover and has a two-year warranty. It is ideal for harsher weather conditions. This one sells for around $30.

#5 – Roadhouse BBQ Fire Pit Cover

Roadhouse BBQ Fire Pit Cover

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This cover is made of 100% durable polyvinyl chloride and has an elastic bottom to ensure it stays in place. It goes on easily and fits snug. The material is treated with UV protection, and resistant to cold cracking for temperatures down to -25 degrees. It has a 20 inch height and 30 inch diameter, making it good for any generic fire pit. The black PVC is a thickness of 0.1mm. This cover sells for $23.

Fire tips

Protective covers are crucial accessories for any firepit. Weather conditions, especially water, can wreak havoc on your fire pit. Fire pits will have an insulating layer of sand in the bowl, and it’s important to keep this dry. It’s also important to keep out any random debris so that your fire burns clean and non-toxic. It will also lessen the amount of cleaning you have to do. Water and condensation will, over time, contribute to the decomposition of the fire pit. Using a cover will maintain the appearance and structural integrity of the fire pit.

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We recommend storing your fire pit indoors during bad weather conditions and winter. In addition, you should clean the fire pit regularly to prolong its life. You should dump ashes into a metal barrel as they can remain warm for days. Be sure to place your fire pit at least ten feet from any house or structure or neighbouring yard, and never place it on a wooden deck or under a tree. A stray spark or ember can ignite a fire. Keep all flammable materials at least five feet away from the fire pit, and never use if it’s too windy or dry. Wind can easily pick up embers and fires can become difficult to control. You should always remain attentive to the fire and never leave it unattended. You should use a poker when moving the logs around inside the pit, and use a spark screen to keep embers inside.


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