We Review The Best Patio Contractors in Orange City, California

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When you live in California, outdoor entertaining is a given. It’s a must. California sees some of the most beautiful weather in the world, and you must take advantage and entertain guests out of doors.

That said, it’s a big state with many companies. We have taken the time to carefully review the patio contractors specific to Orange City and have narrowed it to down the top 6, in order to help you make the right decision when it comes time to design and install your patio.

  1. SoCal Contractors and Remodeling – 714-744-6800.

This company covers many aspects of patio design. From design to installation, they can get the job done right. their services include lattice patio covers, solid patio covers, insulated roof systems, studio patio enclosure, gabled patio covers, gabled sunrooms, solariums, vinyl fencing, energy efficient windows and doors, roofing, and pavers and landscape design. They also offer energy-saving products by assessing your home energy needs, choosing energy upgrade options, thus leaving you with 30% savings on energy bills.

They have a wide range of areas of expertise, and you can’t go wrong.

  1. All-Pro Remodelling. 714-788-1314.

All-Pro Remodelling is a home improvement and remodeling contractor, employing the most experienced, old-school craftspeople to work on your home. They offer unparalleled customer service and attention to quality. They specialize in patio covers, solar-ready patio covers, pro louver opening patio roof, liferoom, garden and sunrooms, four seasons sunrooms and conservatories, windows and doors, decks and room additions.

They will provide you with a written lifetime product warranty, a substantial reference list so you can talk to or visit customers with completed projects, one million dollar liability and worker’s compensation insurance policies, plans, building permits and engineering, plus financing options and work done with old school craftsmanship.

  1. Patio Warehouse. 714-771-6400.

Patio Warehouse was founded to help you create a unique backyard oasis to rival an summer destination. They were established in 2005 and have completed over 4600 jobs. Their patio experts will take your imagination and turn it into something extraordinary. They want to create a backyard haven for you, a place that is your very own, to which you can go to relax and refresh your soul. Why not make that your own backyard? You can take advantage of the year-round beautiful weather and views in Orange County and have a custom-built retreat right in your backyard. They refer to their workers as outdoor comfort experts, who specialize in everything from sunroom construction and cement stamping to aluminum patio covers or concrete pavers.

  1. Tom Hohman Masonry. 714-785-5711.

This trusted masonry contractor and concrete contractor will make your backyard as livable as the inside of your home. Tom has 30 years experience under his belt. This company works with nearly all materials, and will serve you in the best way possible while providing superior service for projects large and small. Owner Tom has his name on every project, and this is why he takes every aspect of the job seriously, from punctuality to quality of workmanship.

They offer residential construction, commercial construction, retail/tenant improvement, hardscape and landscape design and installation, structural or decorative concrete work, brick and stone veneers and paving, block walls and retaining walls, swimming pools (new and remodeling), and paver installation.

  1. Eric Construction. 714-921-9299.

Eric Construction offers tree services including trimming or gigantic tree removal, masonry designed to make your home unique and beautiful, and lawncare services.

This is a family owned and operated business, with only the best to offer since 1987. They are licensed and locally owned, specializing in masonry, tree trimming services, landscape, hardscape and gardening services. For a well-rounded yard care, you can count on this team to handle landscaping and construction needs.

  1. California Fountains. 714-538-0181.

This company offers a unique take on landscaping and patio design in the way of statuary and fountains, which you can add to your garden and connect with nature. They offer a unique selection of garden ornaments whether you go for whimsical, contemporary, or classic. You will also find decorative and functional pottery with a range of designs to find the right one for your garden. statues and lawn décor will add elegance and class, and they offer bird baths made of finest materials and in high quality styles.

This company is independent and family run since 1997, meaning they are close with their customers and are reliable. With over 20 years of customer service, the employees possess hands-on knowledge and product expertise so that no matter your requirement, someone will have appropriate knowledge to assist you in designing your backyard. They will answer all of your questions on how to set something up, as well as treat and care for it.

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