We Review The Best American-Made Spas and Hot Tubs

Today we review the best American-made spas and hot tubs.  Some Americans prefer American-made products that are locally produced. They believe it’s contributing to the local economy while they’re getting a quality product.

Goods produced in America have a reputation of being well-made because workers are paid a fair wage, which results in pride in their work as well as happy employees.

If you are looking for products made in the USA, we’ve done our research to gather together a list of spas and hot tubs made locally.

In some cases, the products are a bit more expensive, but that’s often because there’s a quality guarantee due to where it’s manufactured.

M-SPA Lite Alpine Square Spa

This inflatable hot tub has over 100 air jets that will send the right amount of pressure and bubbles over your body.

It’s like a huge bubble bath with incredible heat to soothe sore muscles and relax your mind. It’s incredibly quiet, too.

You’ll be able to invite friends over for conversation and not have to yell at each other over the motor.

Features of the M-SPA Lite Alpine Square Spa

  • Built-in heater
  • Reinforced PVC cover
  • 108 air jets
  • Seats up to 4 people

This is a reasonably priced product that’s created in the USA. It’s a hot tub that has all the features you’ll need for relaxation at a great price for any budget.

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Home and Garden Spa with MP3

On this list, we’ve included a few price ranges and styles of hot tub. This one is a permanent structure that you’d need to install and leave.

You’ll need to have the space since this is a substantial tub. It’ll seat up to 6 people quite comfortably. It’s insulated and needs it’s own dedicated electrical line for the heater and jets.

Features of the Home and Garden Spa

  • Two speakers with MP3 player
  • Various LED lights
  • 90 stainless steel jets
  • Locking cover

This hot tub is a fiberglass wonder that will last for many years. You can spend every night relaxing in the spa as if you have an exclusive membership to a high-end salon or vacation getaway.

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Essential Sanctity Hot Tub

This is a huge hot tub that will seat up to 7 people in your own backyard. While some spas are personal and used for hydrotherapy, this one can be used during a party with your friends.

There are almost 100 jets that will focus on certain parts of your body to ensure that you’re relaxed and soothe any pains.

Features of the Sanctity Hot Tub

  • 80 powerful jets
  • Seats up to 7 people
  • Stainless steel heater
  • Insulated, locking cover
  • LED accessories

If you decide to soak in this tub alone, you have the choice of exactly the type of massage you want with the jets.

The Captain’s chairs have powerful jets to melt away stress and soreness. The side chairs have less jets for when you’re trying to relax without the massage.

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Essential Hot Tubs Decorum Spa

This is a spa with a variety of therapeutic benefits. Some spas are for relaxing away mental stress, so you’ll feel like you’re on vacation every night.

Others, like this one, are meant for intense hydrotherapy. The jets will work directly on sore, pained muscles and joints.

Features of the Essential Decorum

  • Captain’s chairs and loungers
  • Built-in sound system
  • Waterfall
  • 67 jets for massaging

The Decorum is a spa that will seat up to 6 people. Each person who sits in the hot tub will be able to focus on massage with up to 11 jets on each seat.

The jets are a combination of air and hydro, so you can vary the amount of pressure you need.

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American Spas AM-630LM Hot Tub

This is a hot tub that will allow you to sink deep into and enjoy up to your sore shoulders.

It’s constructed with quality materials like the ABS bottom liner and Shell-Loc for a spa that will last for years and years.

Features of the 5-Person Lounger

  • 30 jets with individual control
  • Titanium heater
  • Filters and ozonator
  • 5 deep seats
  • Included cover

Along with the deep seats, the spa comes with a titanium heater that will quickly heat the water to the desired temperature. It’s a whisper-quiet heater that won’t distract or be a problem when you’re enjoying the hot tub with your friends or significant other.

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American-made products have a standard of quality that’s not often available in products made in other countries.

If you want to keep jobs in the US as well as generate to a local economy, you can do so with one of the products on this list.

They have great, quality construction materials as well as quality control that might not be found in goods made outside the US, too.


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