Redi-Flame Woodshed Renewables Chiminea Kit Review

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Here at The Backyard Gnome, we have reviewed many a chiminea. There are many shapes and sizes and materials available on the market today. Chimineas were invented in Mexico in the 1600s as a method of heating one’s living quarters and also for cooking food (although we should note that most modern chimineas are designed strictly for the outdoors). This multi-functional oven is very haute these days, as we have seen a big resurgence in their popularity. Folks far and wide love the chiminea for its functional uses, like cooking and providing warmth, and also for their rustic look.

A chiminea is a pot-bellied oven with a chimney stack. More and more people are favouring the chiminea over a firepit or barbecue these days, because they are far safer. The flames are contained and the chimney directs smoke away from the eyes, while barbecues can get out of control. It is dangerous to have propane tanks around. Chimineas are also favourable over barbecues because they are much more beautiful to look at, and who doesn’t enjoy that? Barbecues are big and industrial looking; they are rather masculine, and if this works for your aesthetic then that’s cool. Chimineas are curving and feminine and serve more functions, and for these reasons we are pro-chiminea!

Redi-Flame Woodshed Renewables Chiminea Kit review

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When you think of a chiminea, you may envision a four to five foot tall clay structure in your yard, requiring a lot of space for people to gather round. We’d like you to know that chimineas come in all shapes and sizes. We have seen them all the way from six feet tall to just over a foot. The smaller chimineas are great candle holders for indoor use, or, if you are worried about fire hazards, are great for tabletop outdoor use, too. In particular, they are very handy on the porch so you can enjoy a late night drink with some warmth, a little light, and your favourite company. Outdoor firepits also have the benefit of repelling bugs with their smoke. Today we review a chiminea specifically designed for all of these uses: the Redi-flame woodshed chiminea kit.

Redi-Flame Woodshed Renewables Chiminea

The beauty of this little chiminea is that it is compact enough to use in small spaces like the porch or an apartment balcony. It stands at fourteen inches tall, or one foot two inches. It is ideal for enclosed porches and other compact areas when you want a little extra warmth. It comes with two logs called Skeeterlogs, the name you will see on the chiminea. Skeeterlogs are mosquito repelling logs that are effective and easy to use. They smoulder continuously to let off a non-toxic insect repellant. The Skeeterlog chiminea also comes with three fire starters. The skeeterlogs themselves must be left to smoulder; they cannot work in open fire.

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This chiminea is a work of art. Each one is handcrafted, which means every one is slightly different from the next. They are made in the United States of America. This is a purchase you can feel good about. Not only are the skeeterlogs non toxic and safe to use, the Redi-flame firelogs are made from sterilized wood that otherwise would go to waste in the lumber industry. This is an eco-friendly, eco-safe product, which can be hard to find when looking for firelogs and the like. This chiminea is a great option for campsites, too. They are highly portable due to their small size, and are relatively inexpensive. You can purchase a few of them and place around your campfire to repel bugs and add a bit of a homey touch.

The firestarters are very effective little devils, quickly igniting campfires and grills. They are also environmentally friendly, and better for your breathing, as they produce less ash and smoke. They are made from cellulosic fiber and food-grade paraffin wax. (While this chiminea is too small to cook with, you may enjoy the firestarters that are included in the package and use them in your other fire-burning devices. What’s best about the chiminea and logs by Rediflame is that they will burn even in wet conditions.

We all know that humid and moist conditions attract mosquitos. So even when the logs are damp, you can use them to repel those bloodsuckers. Why use Afterbite when you can prevent the bites in the first place? Mosquitos are one of the worst things about summer; in fact, one of the few bad things about summer. Especially for those of us in cold climates with four seasons, we tend to forget the annoyance caused by mosquitos during winter when all the bugs are dead. Be prepared and think ahead: grab yourself a Rediflame chiminea or two and have those skeeterlogs ready to roll! They will increase summertime enjoyment by about a hundred percent.

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Yes, the Rediflame Skeeterlog chiminea kit is a very handy kit, indeed. The chiminea itself comes in a very attractive burnt orange with deep brown detail, for an authentic, rustic, and warming look. Each skeeterlog is biodegradable and made of recycled wood. They are made with oils of lemongrass, geranium, cinnamon, citronella, thyme, peppermint, and rosemary. Bugs hate pungent smells. If you are camping and run out of skeeterlogs, try some essential oil of peppermint as a temporary solution. Dab it around your skin or on your clothes.

The Rediflame chiminea kit sells for around $50 and is a pleasant looking, environmentally friendly product.

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