Rebekah Higgs DIY Mom Interview July 2017

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We sat down with Rebekah Higgs AKA The DIY Mom to chat about some of her awesome projects as well as her take on putting together a diy flagstone patio.

Rebekah is originally from Halifax in Canada. She moved westward to Toronto as a musician where she worked on developing her sound. She toured and performed with various bands until later, when she moved back to Halifax. This is when she began what she called the Welcome Home Project.

Rebekah’s family works a lot with real estate and property development, so she saw herself at the helm of a large home renovation project which she documented through her youtube channel DIYMom.

diy mom rebekah higgs flagstone patio

She covers the ins and outs of how you can DIY your way through an assortment of renovations and repairs for the home. If you’re looking for some renovation inspiration, you should definitely check out her channel.

DIY Flagstone Patio Builder

We decided to chat about one of her feature videos where she puts together a beautiful flagstone patio and details every step along the way. You can see the video below.

Now, Nova Scotia typically has lots of natural flagstone available. The house she was working on had a large backyard that backed onto woods and featured ample amounts of stone, so the flagstone patio idea fit in quite well. The result is a nice, organic-feeling patio layout which blends in beautifully with the environment.

Flagstone is pretty great because it does get your creative juices flowing. It’s not nearly as monotonous as pouring concrete or fitting tiles. You have to mix and match the various stones that you ended up getting. There’s lots of choice of the type of flagstone you can use as well, so there’s a world of possibilities when it comes to piecing together your perfect patio. It also lends itself very well to diy dabbling because it’s lighter than concrete slabs and, if you assemble it yourself, it can actually be quite cost effective.

That being said, you should keep in mind that it is more laborious than other patio building options. This is because you actually have to take the time to find the right pieces and fit them in the right spots. The selection you get is always quite random, so it’s up to you to make it work.

You should also be aware that if you end up hiring someone to do the patio assembly work for you, it may actually end up costing you more. This is because the extra labour of piecing together the right stones will quickly run up your bill, so do be careful if your plan is to do a cost effective DIY project.

flagstone backyard

Finally, and most crucially, you need to follow all the steps carefully and thoroughly. If you do everything right, your flagstone patio will be very kind and rewarding to you. They require little to no maintenance, naturally seal to become waterproof, and last beautifully for a very long time. However, this does come at a price of your full commitment and attention when building it. If you skip out on steps or don’t follow proper procedure, you might be shooting yourself in the foot for later. Again, for the nitty gritty details, you should check out Rebekah’s video and follow her lead carefully.

When putting together a flagstone patio for yourself you can also designate a spot for a firepit. The process is not that much different. All it takes is to outline the firepit and build from that as your centrepiece. You should dig the firepit out first and outline the circular space with flagstone. After that assemble your patio normally from the outline.

One thing that you might notice down the line is water pooling occasionally in and around the stones. Depending how it’s laid out and how the stones settle in, this is something that can occur. The fix for it is quite simple. All you need to do is drill a small hole for the water to drain through and you are set.

What’s Coming Up for Rebekah Higgs?

Rebekah’s quite excited about her upcoming project which will actually be getting its own TV show in September 2017. DIY Mom started from her love of design and beautifying, and will now be getting a bigger stage than ever. Being quite a creative soul, she notes that her renovation projects are a lot like her music. It’s about creating something for your audience and connecting with people through that medium. It scratches that artistic itch in a lot of the same ways, and of course carries with it the joy of presenting your creation to your viewers.

rebekah higgs home renovator diy

The new series, which will start with a batch of 10 episodes, will be focusing on a lot of the more creative parts of renovating, such as the design and decor aspects. Rebekah says there will be lots to talk about and lots of great projects to explore, so stay tuned for cool stuff to come.

Check out the video below for our full conversation:

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