Porchgate Heavy-Duty 800 Lb Rollback Console Porch Swing Review

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When you’re enjoying a little swing in the backyard on the Heavy-Duty 800 Lb Rollback Console Porch Swing, you could sit for hours relaxing with a cup of lemonade in the sunshine, or a glass of wine as the sun sets. At a party, guests will be able to sit in the hanging swing and sip their drinks.

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All of that will be possible because this swing has a console in the middle with a drink holder. Instead of having to stop the swing to place a drink on the table, the table is included in the swing itself. We absolutely love this feature. We love more than that about the swing, too.

Pros of the Heavy-Duty 800 Lb Rollback Console Porch Swing

  • Console drink holder
  • Amish craftsmanship
  • Eco-friendly finishing
  • Routered slats
  • Rollback design

Cons of the Backyard Console Porch Swing

  • Extra chain or comfort springs have to be ordered

First Impressions

This Amish-crafted rollback porch swing has so many features that we can barely contain ourselves. First, it comes with routered slats, so you don’t have to worry about banging into sharp corners or catching your clothing or skin on rough edges. Second, the rollback design is one of the most comfortable when it comes to swings and seating that doesn’t require cushions.

You could purchase some, but you really don’t need to spend the extra money. Lastly, the console is amazing. Each cup holder space is 3 inches, so it’ll hold any size cup. The console folds up out of the way when not in use, too.

The swing comes in three colors. The first is an unfinished version, which isn’t actually a color at all. You’re able to add your own touch to this swing when you get the unfinished. It’s ready for your color or style. The second color is white.

They give it a coat of white paint before shipping. Lastly, you can choose a cedar stain, which is a light, honey brown color. We recommend the unfinished swing, so you can add a coat of paint that matches the décor of the home.

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Construction and Materials

The swing is constructed using pressure-treated pine that’s been kiln dried to preserve the best parts of the wood. The process keeps the wood from drying and cracking as well as making it durable for outdoor use. You should still plan to add a protective coating to the swing to ensure it lasts for years.

Each one-inch slat is attached using screws, so the swing won’t fall apart in a few years like some others. Over time, other types of construction can wear on the wood creating larger holes that will loosen the slats. That’s not something you have to worry about with this swing.

Assembly and Tools

Assembly should be relatively simple. You will need some help with some of the assembly, but definitely for hanging this swing. It’s a two-person job at least. The back, seat, arms, and console will have to be attached, so you’ll also need a strong, electric drill. Make sure it’s fully charged if you’re going to use a cordless one.

Measurements and Hanging

When you’re hanging this swing on your porch, you’ll want to measure the space precisely to ensure that the swing has enough clearance. The outer dimensions of the swing are 63 inches wide x 27 inches deep and 21 inches high.

When you’re moving the swing, you might be less enthusiastic than a child who is swinging. Keep this in mind if you plan on having this swing available to guests at parties. A good 4 feet of clearance should be enough.

The inner dimensions of the seat are 58 inches wide by 19 inches deep by 19 inches high. The console is 13.5 inches wide and 15 inches deep. The hanging chain included with the swing will allow you to hang this from an 8 foot ceiling. Extra chains and springs will need to be ordered separately.

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Details We Love

The backyard porch swing is a beautiful addition to any backyard. We love the contoured construction and routered pieces. The last thing you want to do is sit in a swing while wearing shorts and have it scratch your legs to pieces.

The console is a nice addition to the traditional porch swing. It’s fantastic that you’re able to choose whether to use it or not. You can have two seats with the console or place it up for a third seating option.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the weight limit?

The weight capacity is 800 pounds.

Are there color choices available?
As mentioned above, you can choose white, natural (unfinished), and cedar stain.


This Heavy-Duty 800 Lb Rollback Console Porch Swing has a console for holding drinks as well as features that make this an incredibly comfortable swing for your backyard porch.


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