Peaktop Fire Pit Review

Spring is upon us and it’s time to start planning those backyard parties. Let’s face it: no matter the reason you’re having people over, or the theme of your party, food is going to be at the centre of it, and food needs to be cooked.

Now, we know that barbecues are cool and all, and make food taste nice and smoky, but look at the way they just stand there in the corner of the deck looking all sad and dejected. Barbecues don’t add much to an ambience.

They also pose a bit of a safety hazard with their propane tanks and flames that are known to get out of hand.

Also – if you’re busy entertaining people, do you want to be the one stuck behind the barbecue cooking? No, it’s better to be in with the group and cooking everything together.

peaktop fire pit review

A firepit has this advantage over a barbecue. Of course, it’s optimal to have both a barbecue and a fire pit in the yard. Barbecues can be fired up in minutes and food cooked, barbecue turned off and cooled down within an hour.

They are great for simply cooking, whereas fire pits are more of a lifestyle thing where you spend the first half hour building the fire. Then once it is roaring and self-sustaining, you can begin to cook.

Fire pits bring people together in the most satisfyingly primal way possible (well, we can think of other activities, but we won’t mention them here). A circle of fire will always draw people in for its warmth and source of light.

Fire is essentially energy moving and reacting constantly. It has the power to mesmerize, striking the wild thing in all of us.

Fire pits add lots of other fun elements to backyard entertaining, too. For example, fire pits give a focal point for the yard. You can set up a lovely seating area around it in a corner of the yard by the garden.

Of course, you can set up a barbecue right there on the deck, but you have to keep a firepit out in the yard atop a brick pile or concrete slabs.

Some folks will opt for sticking this on their patio, and you can, since it has legs. However, a stray ember could burn a wooden deck, and heat can damage wood easily.

Peaktop Fire Pit Review

Today we review the Peaktop fire pit. This is one classy fire pit. It’s a circular frame standing on three legs that curve gently outward for maximum durability.

This is the dream thing for those mild summer nights, where everyone can gather round at the end of the day and relax together.

Its diamond shape mesh shell allows for a 360-degree view of the fire, so everyone can enjoy it no matter their position. It features sturdy steel construction, with a black finish.

There is a safety ring around the perimeter of the fire pit for easy transportation. Its transportability is another great feature of this fire pit.

Many cities have strict fire codes and by-laws, so in-ground fire pits are often illegal. This one you can set up wherever you like, and take it camping or to the cottage!

It only weighs fifteen pounds, so it is very manageable for one person. It measures 29.5” x 29.5” x 24.4”. It’s a good size bowl for holding fire logs.

peaktop fire pit

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Conveniently, it comes with a cover/spark screen, as well as a poker. The screen is a nice dome shape that keeps smoke from producing and protects hands from getting burned.

You can easily add a cooking rack, which will sit in place atop the fire. Hint: cover some veggies and fruit in barbecue sauce and wrap in tin foil (try pineapple, onion, and red pepper together).

A fire pit will not only be good for parties, but is also great for enjoying as an intimate couple, or with the family. You can make s’mores with the kids and they will love you eternally for it!

Fire has this way of making anywhere feel like home. When there is a fire going, you feel reassured in some kind of way. Reassured of plentiful food source, of warmth, of light that will stick around long after the sun has set.

The timeless design of this fire pit will accent the yard nicely, creating a bold yet simple focal point around which you can arrange comfortable chairs or benches.

fire pit review

There is some simple assembly required upon receiving this fire pit. Don’t worry: instructions are provided and all the hardware is too. It’s easy stuff.

This sweet thing sells for around $120. Remember: you should always line your firepit with sand for heat absorption. If you don’t, the extreme heat will shock the metal and ruin the integrity of the steel.

You should always let the fire die down naturally to embers, rather than splashing it with cold water or the like. This will also be too much of a shock to the fire pit.

If you are going to have a fire, be sure to plan for a few good hours in the yard. We recommend you constantly keep an eye on the fire and, when the embers have died down, you can throw some more sand on top. Always remove ash between each use.


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