Outsunny Sunshade Pergola Gazebo Review

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The Outsunny Sunshade Pergola Gazebo is a structure that won’t take up too much room in the backyard. It’s an open-space gazebo with a fully adjustable canopy for as much or as little shade as you want.

The sturdy legs won’t take up a lot of the view, so you can place this pergola anywhere in your backyard.

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Features of the Outsunny Sunshade Pergola

  • Fully adjustable shade
  • Reinforced supports
  • Wide leg bases
  • Durable canopy fabric
  • Multiple uses

Adjustable Shade

With most gazebos, you’re stuck with permanent shade. It’s a great thing when you want shade in the backyard. If you want sun, though, you’ll have to drag your chairs out of the gazebo.

It’s much easier to decide whether you want the shade or the sun on a minute-to-minute basis with this sunshade pergola.

The fabric of the canopy is retractable. You don’t even have to remove it completely. If someone wants sun but another person wants shade, it’s easy to accommodate both people.

The canopy folds and unfolds simply and easily. You could even leave it open for the sun or close it for moments when the rain starts. You don’t have to automatically run into the house during summer showers.

Reinforced Supports

There are 5 supporting rails on this pergola gazebo. The upright posts also have supporting pipes to keep the structure from bending or swaying in a breeze.

The supports – like the frame – are made of sturdy aluminum. The structure of the gazebo will easily stand against wind or rain. It also won’t fade or chip in the sun, either.

The supports and frame itself are ideal for areas where you don’t want a huge structure with a wide footprint. There are simple posts with a pergola roof that can be left outside throughout the year.

With the easy removal of the canopy, this is a structure that you can use anywhere in any weather.

Wide Leg Base

The legs of this pergola are wide and sturdy. Some structures have a simple, thin leg to support the gazebo.

These legs are wide and thick to ensure that the gazebo won’t wobble or fall. They’re not too thin or easy to bump and move.

You can stake these legs into the ground for year-long use. It’s simple to disassemble and move this pergola to another part of the yard. You could also use this in other locations, too.

Instead of buying a pergola for an event at a family member’s house, you can easily transport this structure anywhere. It’s easy to set up, too.

Durable Canopy Fabric

When the canopy is being open and closed, folded and unfolded, it has to be a fabric that can handle the movement. The UV-resistant fabric of this gazebo will keep the rays of the sun from hitting you.

It also protects itself and resists fading. If you’ve ever left a piece of fabric in the sun, you know that the colors can fade rather quickly. That’s not a concern with this fabric.

It’s also resistant to water, too. You can easily sit in the shade of this canopy or enjoy the smell of fresh rain without getting completely wet. The water-resistant fabric won’t soak up water or become moldy, either.

Multiple Uses

Some gazebos will sit in the backyard for one or two purposes. Owners will use the gazebo for a changing room if it has walls. They might use it for an event, too.

This pergola gazebo has more than one or two uses. It can be moved completely. Your next family event could benefit from a canopy – even if it’s at another person’s home.

The canopy can be folded or unfolded for sun or shade. Any time you want a lovely structure in a space, this pergola is ideal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the exact measurements of the sunshade gazebo?

The pergola measures 9.75 feet long by 13 feet wide by 7.75 feet high. This will give you a ton of space under the canopy for seating.

What does the pergola weigh?

The shipping weight of the pergola gazebo is 95 pounds. The pergola itself is 89.25 pounds. That’s lightweight enough to be portable.

Can the canopy be washed?

The canopy on this pergola is made of polyester fabric. It can definitely be washed. You’ll need to decide if you want to wash it with a brush outdoors or in some other manner.

Final Thoughts

The stylish Outsunny Sunshade Pergola Gazebo is easy to set up, move, and reassemble wherever it’s needed. It can be used in your backyard, a commercial space, or in a garden.

It’s perfect for hot days or rainy days. The adjustable canopy will give you as much sunshine or shade as you could want in the backyard.

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